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What Tractor Implements Do I Need For My Projects?

on Wednesday, 05 March 2014. Posted in Tractor Blog

If you are starting a farming project, planting something new, or needing to clear out space, there are a few tractor implements that can make each of those tasks a breeze! Not sure which implement you need for your task? Well that’s where this handy guide comes in. We are going to list some of the various tractor additions, then show you how they can be used and what jobs they are ideal for.


Tuning Up Your Tractor Oil, Oil Filter and Air Breather

on Wednesday, 09 September 2009. Posted in Tractor Blog, Maintenance

If the reader has been present from the beginning of this series he will recall making an inventory list before the tune up procedures began. On this list was a collection of observations of the overall engine and tractor condition. Some of the items on that list include the fluid levels and their color.

The oil color can help you determine whether or not it is time for a change. On a gasoline engine, oil that is...

Tuning Up Your Tractor Cooling and Fuel Systems, Hoses and Belts

on Thursday, 09 September 2010. Posted in Tractor Blog

 Your tractor is coming right along. The old oil and filter has been taken to the recycler and the air filter replacement has breathed new life into our motor. Now look at the cooling system since it has to work so hard in the summer heat.

Cooling systems can be real cantankerous in their old age. Radiator cores clog up with rust, lime or other mineral deposits and the fins clog up with weed seeds and debris. The metal headers slowly corrode away from years of...

Tuning Up Your Tractor Battery

on Friday, 19 June 2009. Posted in Tractor Blog

Buried somewhere beneath the sheetmetal, under the gas tank, or stuffed in front of the radiator is the battery. This elusive and neglected component of the tractor is the hardest to get to when it is dead and in need of a jump. But usually, the storage battery is a storehouse of electrical energy waiting to be released at the flick of a switch. A few maintenance tips and periodic cleaning will keep it charged for the duration of its life span.

The battery is made up of a number of lead based plates submersed in a solution of...

Tuning Up Secondary Ignition Wires and Distributor

on Wednesday, 09 February 2011. Posted in Tractor Blog

After checking out the spark plugs, it took more time to explain this than it really did to do the inspection. At any rate it was decided that a compression test was in order to verify the internal engine status. That way one doesn't have to buy any tune up parts until you are sure that the engine is in reasonable mechanical condition. If the tests show a fictional compression reading of 85, 80, 82 and 86 psi, this is well within accepted parameters of a 15 psi spread. If the spark plugs had a light gray tinge to them and the gap was not excessive, this is normal. If each one also fired with a sharp bluish white spark when you tested it with each separate tractor plug installed the...

Tractor Oil Specifications for the Winter

on Monday, 30 September 2013. Posted in Tractor Blog, Maintenance

As you get ready for the winter, don’t forget to change your tractor’s oil. Changing your tractor’s oil to the correct winter grade oil is an important preventive maintenance step that can save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary engine repairs. The oil your tractor will need will vary by engine type and region, so be sure to refer to your tractor’s user manual prior to changing the oil.

Tractor Buying Guide - Finding the Right Tractor for Your Needs

on Monday, 20 January 2014. Posted in Tractor Blog

Trying to find the right tractor for your future projects can be a daunting task. You want to make sure you purchase a tractor that will cover all of your needs, but you also want to stay within a reasonable budget. There are certain things that you need to remember when you are searching for the perfect tractor to buy. So we have compiled a few important questions to ask yourself before pulling the trigger on a tractor purchase. If you carefully consider these questions before shopping you are sure to come away with a tractor that will fit your needs...Jinma Tractor Buying Guide

The Importance Of Small Farms

on Thursday, 27 February 2014. Posted in Tractor Blog

In the last decade farmers have been hit hard by financial difficulties, and small local farms are becoming progressively less common. Although the larger farms are being hit too, they have more survivability to get through the rough patches. Both kinds of farms are essential to our well-being, and in order to maintain the amazingly consistent food supply that we enjoy today, we need all of our farms to continue successfully.

Farmers line up tractors to show support

31 Yr Old Farmer Passes Away.  Over 60 Tractors Are Lined Up By Farmers To Honor His Life 

The Engine Rebuild Kit

on Wednesday, 10 February 2010. Posted in Tractor Blog

Engine rebuild kits have all the replacement parts for overhauling an engine without going to the store to get gaskets, special measuring tools, or miscellaneous parts. They come neatly packaged, clean and tidy. But it's important not to let that packaging lull you into a false sense of security. The appearance of matching sleeves, pistons, rings, and bearings can cause frustration and agony if not properly measured and installed in a workshop environment. Following certain assembly procedures will reaffirm how wonderful these engine kits are. This paper is certainly not exhaustive in the engine assembly procedure, but will, hopefully, point out...

Snow Removal Additions for Your Tractor

on Monday, 09 December 2013. Posted in Tractor Blog

As we start our descent into the coldest parts of winter, you may be noticing that we are in for an even snowier winter than usual. If you haven’t invested in a snow removal addition to your tractor yet, this would be a very good year to do it. Unless you live in one of the few snow free zones out there, you’ve seen those seemingly unending snowfalls that just keep building up, and up, and up. Don’t let the winter weather get the best of you, check out some of our favorite snow removal additions!

New Feed Store Addition to Keno Tractors

on Wednesday, 20 November 2013. Posted in Tractor Blog

We are immensely happy to announce our new feed store. Keno Tractors desires to provide our customers with more options, and so we now offer feed for your animals. We want to lend our expertise to help provide you with the best nutrition possible. We hope that within this feed store you will find all you need to help make feeding your horse, dog and cat a quick and easy task.

Jinma Tractor Reviews

on Friday, 11 July 2014. Posted in Tractor Blog

If you are considering a Jinma tractor, and want to find reviews about their quality, reliability, and usability then you’ve come to the right place! The website TractorbyNet has quite a few Jinma tractor reviews that we think could be helpful to your purchase decision. Click Here to check out the reviews on their website or scroll down to see a few of their reviews that we wanted to highlight.

Jinma Snowblower

on Friday, 10 September 2010. Posted in Tractor Blog

This snowblower is a 3 point, rear mount PTO driven snowblower.  It is 5' X 2' X 28".  It weighs approximately 300 pounds and requires 22hp at the PTO.  The PTO shaft is included with the snowblower.  It has a dual stage auger:  one auger turns one way and one turns the other way to pull the snow into the fan to blow it out.  The chute is adjustable. The Jinma snowblower is equipped with shear pins so if you were to hit a rock it will break the bolts instead of breaking the gear box.  It has little feet for 2 to 3 inch adjustments to keep it off the ground. Keno Tractors has the Jinma Snowblower in stock.  Click on this link to look at pictures and specs of the snowblower on Keno Tractors website:

Identifying Tractor Noises

on Wednesday, 14 December 2011. Posted in Tractor Blog, Maintenance

Learn the fine art of listening to your tractor in hopes of keeping it running longer. One particularly important facet is to hear and identify the particular noises that our mechanical beast makes. Even though our attention is usually focused on the task at hand, that is, the bushogging, disking, etc., it is odd how our ears will pick up the smallest unusual noise that it hears. It's like listening to an orchestration of music and hearing the flutist make a misguided squeak on the instrument. For some reason...

Helpful Hints to Lengthen the Life of Your Tractor

on Friday, 09 December 2011. Posted in Tractor Blog

a.. Do not work the tractor on full load until the engine is thoroughly broken in.
b.. Dirty oil and greases are accountable for 85% of premature wear and consequent short tractor life.
c.. Dirty oil becomes a modified form of grinding compound.
d.. Clean the air cleaner daily - oftener of tractor is operating in exceptionally dusty conditions.
e.. Check the air cleaner to carburetor connections more frequently.
f.. Renew the cartridge in the oil filter at specified intervals - more often - to keep the oil clean.
g.. Change engine oil and transmission oil as directed. Use good quality lubricants.
h.. Keep oil container or measures clean.

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