Happy Customers!

Keno Tractors is your authorized dealership for Jinma, Mahindra, and Branson tractors. We sell a variety of tractor makes and models including Jinma, Mahindra, Kubota, Ford as well as tractor parts and equipment! We have a consistent selection of new tractors, and a changing selection of used tractors, so check back often! We work hard to have the lowest prices, best value, and the highest level of customer service. Take a look at all these happy customers and read some of our customer testimonials.

Featured Happy Customer
Joshua – Used Jinma 284 Tractor Restoration

Good Job Josh! You’re an All American Young man and we’re proud of you.
We think it’s so cool that you bought this (non-running) Jinma tractor and had the gumption and ingenuity to get it up and running.
And we’re also happy that Keno Tractors was able to help you with some of the parts that you needed.
Now you have a really nice Jinma Tractor and lots of memories of working on it with your Dad. Congrats!

Jinma 284 Tractor

Jack - Branson 2515R Tractor

Jack came from Aumsville, Oregon to pick up his new Branson 2515R Tractor/Loader.

Thank you Jack and enjoy your new tractor.

Steven - Branson 2515 Tractor

Steven from Veneta, Oregon came to Keno Tractors to get his new Branson 2515 Tractor/Loader/Backhoe and Box scraper.

Thank you Steven, and enjoy your new Branson Tractor.

Kent - Branson 2515h Tractor

One of the fun things about working at Keno Tractors is meeting great people from various places around the United States. Kent and his wife came from Freedom, Wyoming to pick up their new Branson 2515h Tractor, Loader, and Bale Spear. Along with getting their own work done, they look forward to helping friends and neighbors with their new tractor too.

Congratulations you two. Enjoy your new Branson Tractor and thanks for calling Keno Tractors to help you with your purchase.

Thomas - Branson 3015h Tractor

Thomas from Chiloquin, Oregon called Keno Tractors to get his new Branson 3015h Tractor/Loader with a 4 in1 Bucket and Box scraper.

What a nice tractor setup! Thank you for calling us to help you with your purchase. Enjoy your new Branson tractor, Thomas.

Matt - Branson 2515H Tractor

Matt and his family from Goldendale, WA picked up their new Branson 2515H Tractor, Loader and Backhoe.

Thank you, Matt. Congratulations on your new Branson Tractor/Loader/Backhoe. We know you'll enjoy it for years to come.

Monte & Beverly - Branson 2515h

Monte and Beverly from Weed California and their family came to Keno Tractors to purchase one of our most popular tractors, the Branson 2515h. One of the reasons this deluxe compact tractor is popular is that it has “More Lift and Power” than any other tractor of comparable horsepower and class.

Thank you, Monte and Beverly, for choosing Keno Tractors to help you with your purchase. We know you'll be enjoying this new tractor. Congratulations and have fun!

Corey - Mahindra 6075pst Cab Tractor

Corey came from Chino Valley, AZ to get their new Mahindra 6075pst Cab Tractor/Loader. With its large tires, heaviest standard weight, and the longest wheelbase in class, you’ll hardly notice the rough terrain.

Nice Tractor! Enjoy it and thank you for calling Keno Tractors for your new tractor.

Ron & Lamar - Jinma 284 Tractor

Ron and Lamar from Chiloquin, Oregon called Keno Tractors and got a great deal on this nice Used Jinma 284 Tractor/Loader. Thank you Ron and Lamar. Enjoy your Jinma tractor!

David - Branson 2515h Tractor

David came from New Pine Creek, Oregon, and picked up his new Branson 2515h Tractor/Loader. This Deluxe compact tractor has “More Lift and Power” than any other tractor of comparable horsepower and class!

Thank you David. And enjoy your new Branson Tractor.

Jared - Branson 2515H Tractor

Jared from Brush Prairie, WA got a new Branson 2515H Tractor, Loader, Backhoe. In addition, he got a Grapple and a Flail mower. We know he'll love his new Branson tractor and with all of the extras, he's going to work in style!

Thanks Jared. Congratulations and Enjoy!

John - Mahindra 1635 Tractor

This is John from Coeur d'Alene, ID with his new Mahindra 1635 Tractor, Loader, Backhoe and Grapple Bucket. What a nice outfit to teach that youngster with as he grows up.

Thank you John and enjoy that new Mahindra Tractor.

Robert - Branson 4815R Tractor Loader

Robert from Days Creek, Oregon bought a new Branson 4815R Tractor Loader.

That's a really nice tractor Robert. Thank you for calling Keno Tractors and enjoy!