Happy Customers!

Keno Tractors is your authorized dealership for Jinma, Mahindra, and Branson tractors. We sell a variety of tractor makes and models including Jinma, Mahindra, Kubota, Ford as well as tractor parts and equipment! We have a consistent selection of new tractors, and a changing selection of used tractors, so check back often! We work hard to have the lowest prices, best value, and the highest level of customer service. Take a look at all these happy customers and read some of our customer testimonials.

Featured Happy Customers

Our customers are the lifeblood of Keno Tractors. We appreciate every one of them and we like to honor them in their times of celebration. Keno Tractors has a strong internet presence with many of our customers ordering over the phone. That’s why we always try to get a photo of them when their tractors are delivered if that’s alright with them. Unfortunately one of the cameras had some difficulties this past year and some of the photos were turned in without names attached. Though this was very disappointing for us we want you all to know we appreciate you and want to congratulate you on your tractor purchase anyway. If any of you see yourselves and want to comment on who you are and your whereabouts that would be awesome!

Bob - Branson 5520H Tractor/Loader

Bob came down from Bend, Oregon, to pick up his new Branson 5520h Tractor/Loader.

This tractor is the strongest, toughest, most powerful tractor in its horsepower range, and in addition, it has the new 4-speed transfer case.

Thank you, Bob, for choosing Keno Tractors to help you with your new tractor purchase. Congratulations, and enjoy your new Branson Tractor!
Gregory - Branson 2515H

Gregory from Melba, Idaho came and got a great deal on a Branson 2515h Tractor, Loader, and Backhoe. He completed his outfit with a mower, forks, and a box scraper. He's ready to get his work done now, that's for sure!

Thank you, Greg, for coming to Keno Tractors for your new Branson Tractor purchase. We know you'll love that new 2515h Tractor. Enjoy!
Brad & Wife - Branson 3515CH

Brad and his wife from Klickitat, Washington, just got a new Branson 3515Ch Tractor/Loader.
This tractor is perfect for whatever small job you have around the farm, and its cab makes tractor life oh so much more comfortable!

The Hydro-Max Transmissions are standard on all 15 series HST models. You no longer have to pre-set an engine throttle position. The engine RPM automatically increases or decreases as you move the forward/reverse foot pedals. Hydro-Max is quiet, smooth, easy, and eco-smart. This transmission allows for maximum torque, efficiency, and reliability.

Congratulations to Brad and his wife for getting this beautiful new tractor, and a big "Thank You!" to them for choosing Keno Tractors to help with their new tractor purchase. Enjoy that new Tractor!!
Richard & Lisa - Branson 2610H
Whether you’re raising horses or heirloom tomatoes, the Branson 2610H compact tractor is perfect for you. It’s great for both large landscape jobs as well as working in tight spaces around a hobby farm.

Congratulations to Richard and Lisa from Borrego Springs, California, who just got their new Branson 2610h Tractor/Loader.

According to Lisa, they are really happy with it! We're very glad to hear that. Our goal here at Keno Tractors is to fit the customer with the tractor that suits their needs. Thank you, Lisa and Richard, for letting us help you with your tractor purchase. Enjoy!
Heather - Jinma 354 Tractor

Heather from Grants Pass, Oregon, got a great deal on a used Jinma 354, Tractor, Loader Backhoe.

Thank you, Heather, for choosing Keno Tractors to help you with your tractor purchase.
Robert - Branson 2400 Tractor/Loader

Robert from Weed, California, just got his new Branson 2400 Tractor/Loader, mower, and box scraper.

This 00 Series tractor features a loader with a skid steer system and quick-attach, so whether you need a pallet fork or a bucket, getting ready for the job is quick and easy.

In addition, it's Category 1 three-point hitch and mid-mount PTO makes these tractors easy to attach whatever implement is needed for the job too.

Congratulations Robert. Thank you for your purchase, and enjoy your new tractor.
Frank & Family - Branson Tractor/Loader

Frank and his Wife from Sedona, Arizona, just took delivery of their new Branson Tractor/Loader, box scraper, and forks.

They also got a tractor canopy to help them stay out of that hot Arizona sun. Thank you guys for choosing Keno Tractors. Now go out there and enjoy that new tractor setup!

Doug - Branson 3515R Tractor

Doug from Benson, Arizona, just got his Branson 3515R Tractor/Loader.

Congratulations, Doug have fun with your new tractor, and thank you for your purchase!
Mike - Mahindra 2638 Tractor

Mike from Grapeview, Washington, just had his Mahindra 2638 Tractor, loader, and backhoe delivered.

We bet Mike can't wait to put his new Mahindra to work.

Congratulations Mike! Enjoy your new tractor set up, and thank you for your purchase.
Troy & Tawnee - Branson 2515R

Keno Tractors packages give the most bang for your buck, and you have the essentials to get you up and running with your new tractor.

Troy and his dad are looking pretty happy with the new Branson 2515R Tractor package that was delivered to their place in Turner, Oregon.

They got a tractor, loader, rototiller, box scraper, and a set of forks. That should get them started on all the work they have planned for their new tractor.

Congratulations, Troy & Tawnee, on your new tractor purchase, and thank you for choosing Keno Tractors to help you with your purchase.

Tyler & Melissa - Branson 4820h Tractor
tyler and melissa

Tyler and Mellisa and their happy girls from Medicine Lake, Washington, just got a new Branson 4820h Tractor/Loader with a front snow blade and a set of pallet forks.

From their purchase, it looks like they're preparing for some snow, but I bet they'll be using this beautiful tractor for much more than just snow.

Congrats, and thank you for choosing Keno Tractors to help you with your tractor purchase.

Now get out there and enjoy your new tractor!!!
Wally - Branson 3015R Tractor


Wally from Kennewick, Washington, just received his Branson 3015R Tractor, loader, and backhoe.

From the smile, it looks like he's pretty happy with his purchase. Congratulations Wally. And thank you for choosing Keno Tractors to help you with your purchase.