Happy Customers!

Keno Tractors is your authorized dealership for Jinma, Mahindra, and Branson tractors. We sell a variety of tractor makes and models including Jinma, Mahindra, Kubota, Ford as well as tractor parts and equipment! We have a consistent selection of new tractors, and a changing selection of used tractors, so check back often! We work hard to have the lowest prices, best value, and the highest level of customer service. Take a look at all these happy customers and read some of our customer testimonials.

Featured Happy Customer
Joshua – Used Jinma 284 Tractor Restoration

Good Job Josh! You’re an All American Young man and we’re proud of you.
We think it’s so cool that you bought this (non-running) Jinma tractor and had the gumption and ingenuity to get it up and running.
And we’re also happy that Keno Tractors was able to help you with some of the parts that you needed.
Now you have a really nice Jinma Tractor and lots of memories of working on it with your Dad. Congrats!

Jinma 284 Tractor

Robert & Cheri - Branson 3515h Tractor

Looks like the whole family joined in on the fun! Robert and Cheri from Moses Lake, Washington bought a new Branson 3515h Tractor, Loader, and some attachments to work on their new home site overlooking Moses Lake.

Congratulations Robert and Cheri on your new tractor setup and most of all your new home project. Enjoy and thank you for calling Keno Tractors!

Dan - Branson 4015h Tractor

Dan from West Richland, Washington called Keno Tractors and bought a new Branson 4015h Tractor, Loader, and Box Scraper to use around his new home. Double congratulations Dan on your new home and tractor! Thanks for calling Keno Tractors.

Tim - Branson 2515h Tractor

Tim came over from Ashland and picked up his new Branson 2515h Tractor, Loader, Backhoe. Congratulations! and Thank you Tim for coming to Keno Tractors to get this beautiful new tractor.

Mike - Used Jinma 284 Tractor

Mike came over from the Medford area to get a Used Jinma 284. Unfortunately, Mike's home place was a victim of the fire over near Butte Falls area. His story of evacuating his horses and how close the flames were was quite hair raising. The lives of his family and animals were saved but unfortunately, he lost everything else in the fire.

We are so sorry for your loss Mike. Our hearts go out and our prayers are with the ones in our area that have been devastated by these recent wildfires.

Joe - Branson 2515H Tractor

Joe and his wife from Jamestown, California purchased a New Branson 2515H tractor/loader with a backhoe to do projects around the house and barns on their property.

Congratulations Joe! You're gonna love getting your work done with that new tractor.

Bill - Mahindra 1635 Tractor

Bill from Smith River, California came to Keno Tractors to get his new Mahindra 1635 Tractor/Loader and mower. This compact tractor is one of the 1600 series tractors that is optimal for light-to medium-application labor. It has a small footprint and competitive lift capacity. With the deluxe features it has, it'll keep you comfortable all day.

Sounds like you're ready to go to work Bill. Congratulations on this nice new Mahindra tractor. We know you'll enjoy it.

Richard - Mahindra 2638 HST Tractor

Richard from Reno, Nevada came up to get his New Mahindra 2638 HST Tractor/Loader and a couple of attachments to go with it. Thanks Richard for calling Keno Tractors to help you with your purchase.

Phil - Branson 2515h Tractor

Phil from Fall Creek, Oregon got a great deal from Keno Tractors on a Branson 2515h Tractor, Loader, and Mower. Thank you Phil for letting us help you with your purchase. May you enjoy this tractor for years to come!

For those who don't know, this tractor is Branson's newest workhorse. It's a deluxe Compact tractor that has “More Lift and Power” than any other tractor of comparable horsepower and class! And the best part is Branson Tractors has extended it's Special Introductory Pricing.

Allen - Branson 2205h Tractor

Allen called Keno Tractors for the best deal on a new Branson 2205h Tractor, Loader, Backhoe to work on their new home site in Idaho. With this setup, they should be getting their prep work done and well on their way to building their new home. Congratulations and enjoy that new Branson Tractor. And thank you for calling Keno Tractors.

James - Branson 4815ch Cab Tractor

James from Bonanza just got a brand new Branson 4815ch Cab Tractor, Loader, Backhoe, and several attachments to complete the package. Believe me, he'll be riding in style whenever he uses this tractor around his place.

Congratulations James. Thank you for calling Keno Tractors to help you with your new tractor purchase.

David & Sheri - Mahindra 1626 Shuttle Tractor

David, Sheri, and family (and who is that little cute pup peeking out of the pickup?) came up from Williams, California to pick up their new Mahindra 1626 Shuttle Tractor, Loader, Backhoe. Complete with a box scraper and mower, they are ready for just about anything they need to do around their place and their business.

Thank you, and congratulations on that nice Mahindra!

Mike - Branson 2515h Tractor

Mike called us and got a great deal on his new Branson 2515h Tractor/Loader. Along with his new Mower and Box Scraper, he'll be set to tackle his property in Long Beach, California.

Congratulations Mike! And Thank You for calling Keno Tractors.