Happy Customers!

Keno Tractors is your authorized dealership for Jinma, Mahindra, and Branson tractors. We sell a variety of tractor makes and models including Jinma, Mahindra, Kubota, Ford as well as tractor parts and equipment! We have a consistent selection of new tractors, and a changing selection of used tractors, so check back often! We work hard to have the lowest prices, best value, and the highest level of customer service. Take a look at all these happy customers and read some of our customer testimonials.

Featured Happy Customer
Joshua – Used Jinma 284 Tractor Restoration

Good Job Josh! You’re an All American Young man and we’re proud of you.
We think it’s so cool that you bought this (non-running) Jinma tractor and had the gumption and ingenuity to get it up and running.
And we’re also happy that Keno Tractors was able to help you with some of the parts that you needed.
Now you have a really nice Jinma Tractor and lots of memories of working on it with your Dad. Congrats!

Jinma 284 Tractor

Gerald - Branson 2400 Tractor

Gerald from Klamath Falls, Oregon came to Keno Tractors to get a good deal on a Branson 2400 Tractor/Loader/Rototiller. From the delight on his face, it looks like he's already enjoying this tractor. This 00 Series compact tractor is tough enough for any job around the farm or home. Featuring a 24 HP diesel engine and has a 6 Speed Manual Transmission. It's a versatile and powerful compact tractor. Congratulations Gerald on that new Branson Tractor. We know you'll get years of good service from it.

Ron - Used Jinma 284 Tractor

Ron from our hometown of Keno, Oregon came by and got a great deal on a Used Jinma 284 Tractor, Loader, and Box Scraper.

Thank You Ron for coming to Keno Tractors. We know you'll find many uses for your Jinma Tractor. Congratulations and Enjoy!

Art - Branson 2205h Tractor

Art from Colfax, California showing off the "view" with his new Branson 2205h Tractor, Loader, Backhoe, and Box Scraper in the foreground. Here are Art's words about dealing with Keno Tractors.

"I heard about Branson tractors watching a lot of YouTube videos. When I was ready to buy, I went to the Branson website to find dealers. You were a ways away but were confident you could get one for me quickly. Other dealers had long wait times and wanted big deposits to hold a place in line. You were really easy to work with as I decided what accessories I wanted to buy now."

Dave - Branson 5835R Tractor

Dave drove up from Cottonwood, California to pick up his new Branson 5835R Tractor/Loader. This husky 58 hp Turbo Diesel tractor is one of Branson’s newest tractors. What a nice tractor! Congratulations Dave, and thank you for coming to Keno Tractors to help you with your tractor purchase.

Richard - Branson 2205h Tractor

Richard from Prineville, Oregon took delivery of his new Branson 2205h Tractor, Loader, Backhoe, and a Rear Blade. Branson says "Whatever small job you have around the farm the Branson 2205h Tractor is ready to do it!" It looks like a great choice for you Richard. Thanks for calling Keno Tractors for your new Branson Tractor. Congratulations! and enjoy your new tractor.

Brad - Branson 5220R Tractor

Brad called Keno Tractors and got a GREAT deal on a new Branson 5220R Tractor, Loader, Backhoe. He's set up now to get his work done in Bend, Oregon with this beautiful turbo-charged 55 hp Branson tractor. Congratulations Brad and enjoy your new Tractor, Loader, Backhoe.

Erik - Mahindra 1626 Tractor

Erik from our home town of Keno, Oregon just purchased a new Mahindra 1626 Tractor, Loader, Backhoe to be used in developing his property. Looks like you chose the ideal tractor for your needs Erik. Congratulations and Thank You for choosing Keno Tractors to help you with your purchase.

Greg - Branson 2515h Tractor

Greg from Cohasset, California just got a New Branson 2515h Tractor, Loader, Mower, and a Rake. This Deluxe Compact Tractor has “More Lift and Power” than any other tractor of comparable horsepower and class! Great Choice Greg. Thank you for choosing Keno Tractors and we know you'll enjoy that new Branson tractor.

Shaun - Branson 2515R Tractor

Shaun from Brookings, Oregon just got a new Branson 2515R Tractor, Loader, Backhoe, and Box scraper. Good Choice Shaun! Thank you for letting us help you with your purchase. Enjoy that new Branson Tractor.

Ozzie - Branson 2205h Tractor

Ozzie from La Grange, California called us and got a great deal on a Branson 2205h Tractor Loader. This 22 hp Compact tractor is tough enough for any job around the farm or home but it's very maneuverable in tight spaces. The 2205h is the ultimate choice for ground care on small acreage farms and estates. Thanks Ozzie for choosing Keno Tractors. We know you'll enjoy your new Branson Tractor.

Bryce - Branson 2515h Tractor

Bryce from Scappoose, Oregon just got a New Branson 2515h Tractor, Loader, and Backhoe. He added to his package a Grapple, Forks, and a Box Scraper. We know he's not only going to get his work done with this package, but he's gonna have a lot of fun! Congratulations and enjoy that new Branson Tractor, Bryce.

Mike - Mahindra 1640 Tractor

Mike called and got a great deal on a Mahindra 1640 Tractor, Loader, and Backhoe. He added to it an Auger, Box Scraper, Forks, and a Mower. We know he has the necessary equipment now to get his work done around his place in Shelton, Washington, and enjoy doing it in the process. Enjoy that new Mahindra Tractor Mike. Thank you for letting us help you with your purchase.