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Keno Tractors is the authorized Pacific Northwest Distributor for the Tinger Dog Pro. Want to become a dealership? Fill out our “Become a Dealer” form or give us a call Toll Free at 866-363-8193. For Tinger Dog purchases, see our dealer map below for an authorized Tinger Dog dealer in your area.

The Tinger Dog Pro is an all-terrain utility task machine. It’s designed to navigate ice, snow, marsh, woods, and everywhere in between with ease.

Tinger has become a world leader in producing quality machines since 2008, and continues to grow. Their goal is to manufacture all season, all terrain utility task machines that suit the needs of ice fishermen, hunters, trappers, farmers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Benefits of the Tinger Dog Pro Utility Task Machine

  • Affordable: The Tinger Dog Pro utility task machine is 1/4 the price of a new snowmobile
  • Safe: Maximum speed is limited to 25 mph
  • Compact: Fits in the back of an SUV or a pickup truck. Then when it’s time to unload, it will fit in that 2 car garage with your other vehicles
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 297 – 340 lbs
  • Powerful: Models can haul up to 1100 lbs and more on snow
  • Versatile Year-Round Use: The Tinger design is for year-round use! It goes equally well through deep snow, ice, grassy fields, or forest trails

What is a Utility Task Machine?

The Tinger Dog utility task machine is a compact and cost-effective machine that captures more versatility than snowmobiles and ATVs. They’re not only a highly effective means to travel through the snow but through other harsh terrains all year round including dirt, grass, forests, and more.

These utility task machines champion harsh terrains, and are highly effective at towing heavy loads. In fact, they can haul up to 1,100 lbs! Their compact size makes it easy to transport in the back of a standard pickup truck or SUV and fit comfortably in your home garage. It is truly the ideal machine for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.

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