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Branson TYM 2610h Package Deal

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Branson TYM 2610h Package Deal


Branson TYM 2610h Package Deal

Optional Bucket Cutting Edge available at additional cost

See Complete BL110s Loader Specs Here

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Branson TYM 2610h Package Deal

The Branson 2610h Package Deal comes with the Branson 2610h Premium Compact Tractor with the works!

This tractor has a Hydrostat Transmission, a Diesel 24 hp engine, and is 4-wheel drive. The package includes a Branson BL110s Front End Loader, Branson BH100 Backhoe, 5′ Rear Blade, 9″ Auger, and a 4′ Box Scraper.

Whether you’re raising horses or heirloom tomatoes, this 10 series compact tractor, the newest in the Branson Tractor family, is prefect for you. It’s perfect for both large landscape jobs as well as working in tight spaces around a hobby farm. With the accompanying attachments in this package you will be ready for just about anything that the job requires.

Branson 2610h Tractor Specifications:


  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Hydrostatic Steering
  • Dry, Single Clutch
  • 12V Battery
  • Wet Disc Brake


  • Engine Model A1100N2
  • 3 Cylinder, Water Cooled Diesel
  • Swirl Chamber Combustion System
  • Naturally Asperated
  • 24 Horsepower
  • 3000 RPM
  • 78 x 82 mm Bore x Stroke
  • Displacement  1175 cc
  •  21 . 5 : 1 Compression Ratio
  • Dry, Element Air Cleaner
  • Fuel Capacity 6.08 Gallons
  • Fuel Consumption:   0.067 (210 g/
  • Engine Horsepower HP 24 @ 2,600
  • Engine HP @ RPM 24 @ 3000


  • Fuel Tank 6.08 gal
  • Engine Crankcase 1.14 gal
  • Coolant 1.32 gal
  • Transmission case  HST: 37 (9.77


  • Front Tread 45 in
  • Rear Tread  43.2 in
  • AG  7-16, 11.2 – 20
  • Ind  25 x 8.50 – 14, 14 – 17.5
  • Turf  23 x 8.5 x 12, 33 x 12.50 x 16.5


  • Overall Length  122.9 in
  • Overall Width 53.9 in
  • Height with ROPS 91.4 in
  • Wheelbase 65.7 in
  • Ground Clearance 16.4 in
  • Weight 2,107 lbs
  • Front Tread 45 in
  • Rear Tread 43.2 in


  • Type: HST
  • Main Shifting – Hydrostatic
  • Forward Reverse Method: Hydrostatic, High Low Gear Shift
  • Travel Speed Forward: HST: 3.9 – 12.1 mph
  • Travel Speed Reverse: HST: 2.3 – 8.5 mph


  • Type Live P.T.O. (6 Spline shaft)
  • Speed 540 / 960 RPM Option: 2,500 (Mid)
  • Power 18 hp

Hydraulic System

  • Type: Position Control
  • 3-Point Hitch: Telescopic lower link / Telescopic stabilizers
  • Lift Capacity at Lift Point: 1,433 lbs @ lift point
  • Pump Capacity 7.7 gal PM
  • Total Flow GPM 8.2


Branson BL110S Front End Loader Specs

See the Branson BL110S Loader Spec Sheet here

  • Lift Capacity 1433 lbs to Maximum Height at Pivot Pin
  • Maximum Lift Height to Pivot Pin 87.5 in
  • Maximum Lift Height Under Level Bucket 82.4 in
  • Clearance with Bucket Dumped 68.2 in
  • Reach at Maximum Lift Height 18.2 in
  • Reach With Bucket On Ground 56.7 in
  • Maximum Dump Angle 42 degrees
  • Maximum Rollback Angle 35 degrees
  • Digging Depth 3.9 in
  • Overall Height in Carry Position 46.3 in
  • Depth of Attachment (to back of inner shelf) 18.4 in
  • Height of Attachment 19.1 in
  • Length of Attachment (to pivot pin) 23.1 in
  • Breakout Force At Ground Level, Pivot Pin 2721 lbs
  • Bucket Rollback Force at Ground Line 2013 lbs
  • Relief Valve Setting (loader control valve) 2276psi
  • Lift Cylinders 2.0 x 1.2 in
  • Bucket Cylinder 1.97 x 1.18 in
  • Width Bucket Specification 54 in
  • Bucket Capacity 5.3 sq ft
  • Loader Total Weight 579 lb
  • Weight of Boom & Quick Attach 299 lb
  • Mounting Frame Weight 150 lb
  • Bucket Weight 130 lb
  • Boom Raising Time 5.3 sec
  • Boom Lowering Time 3.4 sec
  • Bucket Rollback Time 2.7 sec
  • Bucket Dumping Time 4.2 sec
  • (Optional Bucket Cutting Edge available at additional cost)

**Information taken from the BL110 (S) Loader Owners Manual & Parts Catalog 8096-700-000-0

Branson BH100 Backhoe Specs

See more of our Branson Tractor Choices here at Keno Tractors.


Unlike a lot of other compact tractor brands, Branson tractors are made of steel.

Branson Tractors have a Cast Iron Rear End and Transmission Housing. Cast iron is the strongest and best housing manufactured, making this tractor one of the heaviest in its class.
Metal Hood and Fenders have a powder coat finish that protects from UV damage to the paint. Steel unlike fiberglass and plastic will not crack in cold climates.

When you choose to purchase a new Branson Tractor, you are not dealing with a distributor but the manufacturer. Owned by TYM, Branson Tractors greatest asset is the strength, quality, and features of their tractors. Before you purchase your next compact tractor, take a few minutes to visit your closest dealer and test drive a Branson Tractor.

Branson Tractors has tractors ranging in horsepower from 19 to 80hp.

Need delivery or distance shipping?

We want to help you get your tractor to your destination quickly and as cost effective as possible. We offer the following suggestions for the transport of your new purchase. Please see our Delivery Options here.

Why Keno Tractors?

When you buy from us you aren’t just buying a tractor. You are getting years of Tractor knowledge and experience backing your purchase. We have a full Parts and Service Department on location here in Keno, Oregon. Check it out on our online store at Keno Tractors – Branson Tractor Parts Store.

We carry all popular Branson models from 19-78 horsepower. Our models also include front-end loaders and can be ordered to suit you. Not sure which Branson implements you need? No problem! Call our Branson Tractor specialists to get a custom quote for your new tractor. Contact Keno tractors today.

In addition, Our knowledgeable staff at Keno Tractors wants to fit you with the best tractor for your needs. We sell 3 different brands of tractors so that we can insure a custom fit for you. We carry the Jinma, Mahindra, and Branson Tractor Brands as well as a variety of other USED tractor brands.

Call us for a Tractor Consult Toll Free at 866-363-8193.  Or contact us here.

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