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Mahindra 4540 Tractor Loader

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Mahindra 4540 Tractor Loader

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Mahindra 4540 Tractor Loader

  • Diesel Four-stroke, direct-injection water-cooled
  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • 41 hp
  • Full constant mesh transmission
  • Number of Gears  Speeds 8F / 2R
  • Live PTO
  • 3-Point: Category 1 and 2 adjustable, with telescopic stabilizers
  • Industry Leading Warranty
    – 7 year/3000 hour no deductible powertrain warranty




Mahindra 4540 Tractor Loader

The following information is taken from the Mahindra 4500 Series Brochure.

The Mahindra 4540 Tractor Loader is a rugged and hardworking 4 Wheel Drive “Utility” tractor designed for light and medium-duty applications.

Ideal Uses: Material Handling | Rural Lifestyle | Specialty / Hobby Farming |Grounds Maintenance / Municipal

These practical, no-nonsense machines are designed to provide you with everything you need to get the job done. It has a 41 horsepower engine and is compatible with an extensive number of high-quality implements and attachments. You can easily configure this tractor to your liking so you can make the most of your workday.


– This 4-cylinder mCRD engine has NO Diesel Particulate Filter giving you less complexity, no operator
involvement and cleaner exhaust emissions at a lower cost.

– With best-in-class loader and 3-point lift capacities, the 4500 series tractors give you the power you need
to work faster and more efficiently.

– Mahindra’s mComfort seat, as well as the operator station is designed for maximum ergonomic
convenience, ensuring reduced operator strain during the long workdays.

– Choose between ag and industrial tires at a large size for maximum traction and stability.

– 7 year/3000 hour no deductible powertrain warranty provides ultimate peace of mind.

Key Advantages:

  • Foldable ROPS w/seat belt
  • Rear work light
  • Easy access platform
  • Reinforced steel fenders and hood
  • Power steering – tight turning radius
  • Solid hand grip (for entry)
  • Good ground clearance for hay or dirt work
  • A one-piece steel hood provides easy access for maintenance work
  • mComfort Mechanical Suspension Seat designed for maximum comfort and convenience. These mComfort seats come equipped with retractable seat belt, arm rests, and rainwater drain as standard.
  • Quick Attach Skid Steer style loader. Couplers are standard on all 4500 series loaders for ultra-fast front implement attachment



Type: Four-stroke, direct-injection water-cooled, diesel

Cylinders: 4

Engine HP: @ rpm 41hp (30.5 kw) @ 2300 (T4)

Compression Ratio: 18.7:1

Displacement: cubic inch 3 (cc) 166.7 (2732)

Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.55 gallons


Battery Capacity: 12 volt, 96 amp hours

Alternator: 12 volt, 45 A


Type Dual


Type: Full constant mesh

Number of Gears:  Speeds 8F / 2R


Type: Hydrostatic Power

Pump Output: 5.8 5 (gallons per minute)


Type: Fully enclosed dry disc


Type: Open center, full-live hydraulic with position and draft controls

Pump Output: (gallons per minute) 8.7

3-Point Linkage: Category 1 and 2 adjustable, with telescopic stabilizers

Lift Capacity: (lbs.) 3527

Rear Auxiliary Remote Valves: 1 optional 1 spool standard


Type: Live

PTO RPM: (engine rpm) 540 @ 2058

PTO HP: (kW) 31 (23.1)


Total: 5192#

DIMENSIONS with Ag Tires

  • Length: Inches Overall – 128.9″
  • Overall Width:  Inches – 82.6″
  • Height: Inches Overall – 92.6″
  • Turning Radius: Min. Feet 10.5′



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