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How to Maintain Horse Pasture Fences & More With Your Tractor

There’s no prettier sight than horses turned out to pasture on a warm summer day. But as summer fast approaches, the right upkeep is essential before allowing livestock to roam. We’ll review how to maintain horse pasture areas with proper fence management, land resurfacing, and grass mowing. Tips and Tricks for How to Maintain Horse Pasture Areas How do you manage a horse’s pasture to maintain a safe and beneficial outdoor area? Anyone who’s worked a farm knows that the right equipment is essential to getting a job done correctly and safely. Our tips for how to maintain horse pasture [...]

Zach & Candi – Mahindra Diesel Retriever 1000 XTV

Zach and Candi got a great deal on a New Mahindra Diesel Retriever 1000 XTV. Wow… that’s a nice looking hunting machine you guys! But I think that what Candi said sums up what it’s really for…”Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Mahindra Retriever. A Retriever to Retrieve and Haul Your Retrievers.”

What’s the Difference Between a Backhoe vs. Excavator for Farm Use?

Spring is in full swing and that means building fences, clearing land, and plowing takes up much of your days. If you’re in need of some serious digging equipment for these jobs, which tractor accessories do you need? Understanding the size and versatility of a backhoe vs. excavator for farm use can help make the right choice for your projects. […]

FAQ: How to Turn an Old Barn into a Wedding Venue

Old barns have become increasingly popular venues for couples looking to add rustic charm to their wedding. However, preparing an old barn for a wedding celebration involves more than just flowers and music. Considerations such as permits, and the barn’s structural suitability also come into play. As spring ushers in wedding season we’ll discuss how to turn an old barn into a wedding venue so it’s a joy for everyone. How to Turn an Old Barn Into a Wedding Venue: The Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask Turning a farm into a wedding venue requires different planning and considerations when [...]

Safety & Health Protocols Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our top priority at Keno Tractors is the safety and the well-being of our customers and team members. Since the onset of COVID-19, we’ve followed the guidance of federal, state, and local authorities to curb the spread of the infection. States throughout the country have declared a state of emergency and are recommending that all non-essential gatherings of large groups be postponed or canceled. We have provided our staff with the necessary training to ensure that the proper safety measures and sanitation procedures are being followed at all times. We are open for service by appointment only during this time. [...]

Tractor Buying Guide: Finding the Right Tractor for Your Needs

Trying to find the right tractor for your future projects can be a daunting task. You want to make sure you purchase a tractor that will cover all of your needs, but you also want to stay within a reasonable budget. That’s why our team has put together this Tractor Buying Guide to answer all your questions! […]

How-to Guide: Mahindra 1600 Series Oil Change

Sure, you can haul your tractor in for service to get an oil change. But knowing how to perform regular Mahindra tractor maintenance can be essential to understanding how your equipment operates. Our step-by-step guide illustrates how to perform a Mahindra 1600 series oil change from draining the old oil to checking for leaks. […]

The Perfect Gift for Bike Enthusiasts: GenZe 200 Series Electric Bike

Is there a cyclist in your life who’s passionate about two wheels and the open road?  Or maybe there’s someone you love who loves biking, but not the exertion that can come with it? The great thing about the GenZe 200 Series Electric Bike is that it can be the perfect holiday gift for almost anyone. […]