With harvesting season well underway, we know it’s a busy time with shorter days and colder weather. Though you may feel the need to work around the clock, our harvest safety tips prioritize your well-being as much as the harvest.

Harvest Safety Tips for Busy Days

It’s often reported that fatigue is a contributing factor in farming accidents, and we know your busy harvest days may have you feeling exhausted.

To prevent fatigue from causing harmful accidents, the experts at Keno Tractors have put together a guide with four harvest safety tips to remember. There’s nothing more important to your family and your harvest than your protection.

#1. Equipment Preparation & Inspection

Maintaining your equipment is one of the most important harvesting tips to keep in mind. Since your tractor may be working overtime, we have some tractor maintenance priorities that stress safety and prepare your tractor for when you need it most:

  • Inspect your tractor and other machinery throughout the season to make sure it’s in working order.
  • We recommend that all older tractors be fitted with a rollover protection structure (ROPS). Inspect your ROPS regularly to make sure it remains properly positioned.
  • Make sure your tractor meets the latest lighting and marking requirements.

#2. Harvest Safety Training

With extra workers and family members pitching in during the busy harvest, our harvest safety tips suggest investing time in safety training. It can save you hours (and heartache) in the long run:

  • Review your equipment owner’s manuals with helpers and/or employees at the start of the season. Provide extra instruction for younger workers.
  • Allow time for “practice runs” with all machinery.
  • Instruct workers in proper lifting techniques. This means carrying multiple lighter loads and lifting with your knees instead of your back.
  • Keep young children off farm equipment and be aware of their whereabouts while working.

#3. Use a Tractor Hitching System

We know many farmers still get on and off their tractors to hitch and unhitch wagons or other equipment. For proper farm tractor safety, we recommend using a hitching system. This lessens the number of times you have to get in and out of the tractor, reducing the potential for accidents.

 harvest safety tips

#4. Get Enough Rest

Sleep deprivation and operating heavy machinery are never a good mix. Though you may want to use every hour to the max, one of our most important harvest safety tips emphasizes frequent breaks throughout the workday.

We suggest keeping snacks on hand to keep you fueled and breaking for meals. Most importantly, end your day when the sun goes down and ensure you get enough sleep each night.

Keno Tractors has been the #1 Oregon tractor dealer for decades by making your well-being our priority. We hope our harvest safety tips help ensure a safe, productive, and healthy harvest.