Have you got a bunch of old tractor tires lying around that you don’t know what to do with? With a little creativity, you can turn these big ugly chunks of rubber into something useful. Recycled tire projects are a great way to use your old tires and end up with an awesome finished product. Since tires are durable, strong, and hold their shape well, they are perfect for a wide variety of upcycling projects. The list of creative things to do with old tires is endless!

5 Creative Uses for Your Old Tractor Tires

#1 Raised Flowerbeds or Planters

Tractor tires are the perfect size to create raised flower beds for your front or backyard. Their large size allows you to grow all kinds of plants including flowers, vegetables, and even small trees. Raised beds are easy to maintain and keep tidy because it’s a small enough space that weeding, watering, and other maintenance work are a quick task rather than an arduous day-long process.

You can use spray paint, wood, or mosaic tiles to beautify your new raised beds if you don’t like the look of the old tires. This old tire decoration idea is a great weekend project.

creative things to do with old tires

Sandbox or Playscape

Playground equipment can be very expensive, but with a few old tires, you can create your very own playground features for the backyard. Large tractor tires are the perfect size for a sandbox, and it’s as easy as laying the tire on the ground, lining it with a sheet of plastic, and adding play sand. Get step-by-step instructions here.

If you’re looking for a slightly more complex playground project, you can cut the tires in half to create arches that are perfect for climbing on, hiding under, or standing on top of. Take a bunch of these arches and arrange them to create an awesome new play area for your family that’s made entirely out of recycled tires!

recycled tire projects


Heavy old tractor tires can be an excellent addition to your extreme workout regimen. If you enjoy tough mudder events and other extreme workout training like Crossfit, look into the various training exercises you can do with old tires. Most involve flipping the tires end over end for a certain number of reps. Make sure your tires are an appropriate size and weight before using them for crosstraining.

Take a look at these Top 5 Tractor Tire Workouts.

tractor tire workouts


Tire Art

If you enjoy creating sculpture, old tires can be an interesting medium to work with. By sawing your old tires into different shapes and nailing them together, you can create fabulous old tire decorations and abstract art. People go nuts for recycled art, and if you’re good at it, you could sell your recycled tire art for much more than you could sell the old tires for.

You can do a simple Christmas wreath, or if you’re really ambitious, try to make one of these tire animals below. This is definitely one of the most creative things to do with old tires!

things to do with old tires

old tire art

Backyard Pond Feature

Of all the creative things to do with old tires, this may be the coolest! It’s more involved ways to upcycle your old tractor tires, but the results are totally worth it. Tractor tires are a perfect rigid structure for a backyard pond. Bury the tire so just the top hole is exposed and the inside is empty. Line the inside of the tire with a plastic lining that is suitable for creating a backyard water feature. Add your pump and filter if you plan to keep plants or animals in your water feature. Fill the tire with water and decorate around the top.

No one will ever know that it was a tractor tire by the time you’re finished, and you’ll have a beautiful new pond for your backyard!

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