Are you a huge fan of tractors? Or maybe the huge fan is one of your little ones? Well whoever it is, we have something that they’re going to love! We’ve put together a list of our all time favorite tractor and agricultural museums. Not only will these museums give you tractor history, they’ll show you some of the very first tractor models, and prototypes. Check the list below to find one near you!

The Heidrick Ag History Center – Woodland, California

The Heidrick Ag History Center consists of rare examples of tractors, harvesters, trucks, autos, horse-drawn implements and other artifacts that tell the California story.

Mehmke Steam Tractor Museum – Great Falls, Montana

The museum is open throughout the year, with 19 or 20 steamers, all in a row, plus a lot of gas tractors, and innumerable other pieces of equipment and farm and ranch memorabilia on a multi-acre tract.

Bayer Museum of Agriculture – Lubbock, Texas

The Bayer Museum showcases its tremendous collection of tractors, plows, drills, and other farm-related artifacts. Set inside outdoor and indoor historic farm structures.

Antique Powerland – Brooks, Oregon

The Antique Powerland had a bunch of open-air exhibits featuring old farm machinery, a mini-train & the Pacific Northwest Truck Museum.

Keystone Tractor Works – Colonial Heights, Virginia 

Experience the last century of agricultural heritage: fully restored antique farm tractors, ongoing restoration projects and other farm related equipment.

Floyd County Historical Museum – Charles City, Iowa

The Floyd County Museum in Charles City, Iowa is one of the Midwest’s largest rural county museums, with over 50,000 artifacts depicting early and recent prairie life, both agricultural and industrial.

Stonefield Agricultural Museum – Cassville, Wisconsin

Stonefield Agricultural Museum houses Wisconsin’s largest collection of farm tools, models, and machinery detailing the state’s agricultural past.

Tennessee Agricultural Museum – Nashville, Tennessee

The Tennessee Agricultural Museum, has an extensive collection of home and farm artifacts from the 19th and early 20th centuries. There you have it: 8 of our favorite tractor museums! If none of these are close to you, we recommend checking out Yesterday’s Tractors list for even more great tractor museums!