Yes, Virginia, There is a Tractor This Big! This impossibly mammoth machine is used in modern surface mining. To give you an idea of perspective, this machine is bigger than the huge NASA Crawler that transports space shuttles to the launch pads but its top speed is 1 kilometer per hour. Slow down, Nelly!



Big Brutus At 16 stories tall and 11 million pounds, it is the second largest electric shovel in the world. Slow and steady topping out at maximum speed of 0.22 miles per hour.



This Tractor’s Made for Walkin’! Leave it to John Deere to build a walking tractor prototype. Made for the forest and tough mountain terrain, this creature moves on six articulated legs controlled by an intelligent computer system.




Weird Vintage Tractor.! This Victor model tractor didn’t last long but sure was a hoot to look at.



Liebherr Excavator in Action! Watch a tractor climb a tower? You betcha. Fast forward to time stamp 2:56.




This Big Bud’s For You. Big Bud is the world’s largest farm tractor. Watch out, it’s coming to sow your oats!



Dancing Back-hos! If you have ever wondered what interpretive dance might look like if performed by synchronized tractors, here’s your chance. Fast forward to 3:50.



That’s My Tractor in the Water! When you need a hole in the bottom of the sea, this is your machine. It floats, “swims,” trudges and more.




Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider (Tractor)! This one gives us the creepy crawlies! What an insane, crazy tractor, indeed! Is it real??