There is no question that off-road vehicles have become indispensable in the agriculture world. Farming has been redefined with the option of using an ATV vs UTV in lieu of a tractor for smaller jobs. Although not a replacement for a tractor, the ATV and UTV are helpful additions to your equipment selection for smaller projects and recreation.

Farmer’s Guide for ATV vs UTV – Which is Better?

Let’s compare the differences between ATV or UTV for farming.

What is a UTV?

Similar to the ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, the UTV (utility vehicle) is highly useful around the farm. UTVs are a multi-passenger off-road vehicle that is used for carrying heavier loads, hauling cargo, and specialized projects using available accessories. These models have become extremely popular thanks to their power and versatility.

atv or utv for farm

How are UTVs different from ATVs?

There are some key differences between ATV vs UTV. Key features that make UTV stand out include:

  • Large roll-cage safely carries multiple passengers
  • More comfortable ride and easy to manage
  • Used for heavier cargo and hauling
  • Specialized accessories available
  • Fun to customize
  • Family-friendly off-road recreation
  • Hose off for cleaning

Key features of ATVs include:

  • Tight maneuverability- easy to make quick turns
  • Used for small cargo loads, or when you need to hop on and off a lot
  • Physically demanding to balance and manage while riding
  • Good for small-scale jobs
  • Budget friendly
  • Fun for off-road recreation

Best Uses for UTVs

In deciding between an ATV vs UTV, consider the job ahead. For example, UTV vs ATV for plowing? Family fun? UTVs have specialized accessories and can carry almost as much as a pickup truck, so they are more well-suited to agricultural work and family recreation. Choose a UTV when the task involves:

  • Multiple passengers
  • Hauling cargo
  • Heavy load
  • Projects not requiring a tractor
utv vs atv for plowing

UTV snow plow

Best Uses for ATVs

ATVs have their place too! Use an ATV for:

  • Single passenger
  • Nimble maneuvering through wooded areas
  • Small projects
  • Small cargo loads
  • Frequent stops

We’ve outlined some pros and cons of ATV vs UTV and trust you have a better idea of how to narrow down what you need. Our knowledgable staff can answer questions and steer you in the right direction. For more information on UTVs, visit these blog topics:

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