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What Are Rototillers Used For?

Whether you're preparing acres of land or a backyard garden, rototillers, like other useful tractor attachments, can save hours of labor. What are rototillers used for? Their ability to loosen and aerate soil can prepare land for planting, level ground, and remove grass. Learn how different types of rototillers work to perform these helpful functions. Your Equipment Questions, Answered: What Are Rototillers Used For? Rototillers come in a variety of models to best accomplish different jobs. Before we answer what are rototillers used for, we'll break down what they are and how to best use each type. What is a [...]

Which Engine Oil is Best for Tractors?

No matter what season it is, it's important to stay on top of tractor maintenance. Our top tip to avoid major mechanical issues is to check the oil in your tractor. So which engine oil is best for tractors? Well, it depends on the model and engine type. Our guide will help you find the right oil to keep your machine running smoothly. Maintenance FAQ: Which Engine Oil is Best for Tractors? Why Does a Tractor Need Oil? Before we dive into which engine oil is best for tractors, it's important to understand why your tractor needs it in the [...]

How to Grade a Driveway With a Tractor

Keeping your driveway in good shape is about more than just aesthetics. A well-graded gravel driveway enables farm vehicles to safely travel without damaging the path or your equipment. How do you grade a driveway correctly? Your trusty tractor can do the job with a box blade scraper attachment. Learn how to grade a driveway with a tractor and some essential prep work. From Prepping to Smoothing: How to Grade a Driveway With a Tractor Weather, water and constant use will leave a gravel driveway in need of regular maintenance. From filling in potholes to creating drainage, we'll detail how [...]

Keno’s Top 5 Tractor Videos

If you’re looking for farm tractor videos you’ve come to the right place! From tractor maintenance videos to how-to-install videos, Keno Tractors has what you need. We’ve compiled a list of some of our most popular videos to help clear up questions you may have on attachments and tractor operation. Here is a list of our top 5 most requested tractor videos for you to peruse. […]