jinma tractor dealer keno oregon

Looking for the most reliable and trusted Jinma Tractor Dealer? You’ve certainly come to the right place. We treat the needs of each individual that steps into our tractor dealership with paramount concern, and take the challenge of meeting and exceeding their high expectations for an amazing experience. Let us demonstrate our commitment to excellence by giving you a suitable machine for tackling many projects around your farm.

Our Jinma Tractors are manufactured in China and the parts are shipped to the US, where they are assembled by our team of specialists. We chose Jinma because they’ve been around for several decades and are proven to offer customers years of sturdy and reliable use. This type of tractor has always been at the customer’s price point of consideration, therefore, you’ll make significant savings compared to the Japanese, Korean and European counterparts.

You may be tempted to purchase directly from a Chinese factory, but remember you’ll have to fork out that amount of money before seeing the tractor, which can be too risky. If something goes wrong in the process, it will be difficult dealing with them directly. So, it is worth purchasing from a dealership that will certainly save you the risk.

Why Choose Our Jinma Tractor dealership?

We’re a Licensed Dealer

The safest course of action is to buy from an authorized dealer. If something goes wrong in the process, such as buying a fraudulent tractor, you’ll be able to file a complaint with local authorities or report to the Automobile Associations in the industry. We understand that the state requires us to follow the strict laws; therefore, we always abide by each and every rule to avoid getting our license revoked.

Factory-Trained Service Technicians

All our technicians are extensively trained, full-insured, and have many years of experience in every aspect of building Jinma Tractors. Being the best in the field, we always ensure the technicians are continuously put through a rigorous training program and participate in the certification process that certainly involves a significant commitment.

We’re Affordable

We know tractor owners are more price conscious than ever, so we’re offering you the most affordable Jinma Tractors in Keno. Our prices are genuinely real and that’s how we beat the competition. There are no hidden charges.

Excellent Customer Service

Our dealership is built on a reputation of honesty and trust. Customer satisfaction has always been our guiding principle in the field. So we promise you great, reliable, and perfectly tailored customer support with 100% satisfaction.

Comprehensive Spare Parts List

We don’t ignore the fact that your tractor might need repairs and replacements at some point, especially after several years of use. So we, more often than not, order spare parts from China and carry them in stock. They will be available whenever you need them.

Benefits of buying Jinma Tractors

  • Very affordable for everyone
  • Several years of sturdy and reliable use
  • Large drive force for their size
  • Economy friendly for farmers

Want the best deal? Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of Jinma Tractors. We’re committed to a perfect tractor finish and superior quality, and we’ll make your purchase a memorable moment.