While your tractor can handle almost any farming task, the right tires are essential to getting the job done right. To get the most out of your tractor, our experts listed their top choices for the best rear tractor tires. From row cropping to lawn maintenance, these tires provide the strength and versatility your tractor needs for optimal performance.

How to Choose the Best Rear Tire Tractors

The best rear tractor tires can make the difference between checking a task off your list or adding to it with a messy cleanup. But what are the different types of tractor tires you should consider? Our choices are geared toward the typical jobs your tractor tackles on any given day.

Best Rear Tractor Tire for Agriculture: R-1

What is a R-1 tractor tire and what does it do best? The R-1 is one of the most common tire choices for work in mud and dirt. It offers superior traction with a 23-degree tread angle and extreme durability. These qualities make it a solid all-around tire for most farm and field chores.

Beware in sand and snow, however, as these tires can easily get stuck. And while R-1s can travel through wild pasture and fields, avoid turf and pavement. The heavier treads can wreak havoc on delicate surfaces and roads. 

Best Rear Tractor Tire for Row-Cropping: R-1HA

This tire is a variant on the R-1, with the HA signifying “High Angle.” This higher 45-degree tread angle is ideal for row-cropping, easily fitting between tall and narrow rows of crops without damaging them. The tire itself is also tall and thin to better accommodate close rows of tall plants.

While R-1HAs may be the best rear tractor tires for row-cropping, they’re not suited for any other job. Consequently, small farm owners or farms without an agricultural focus won’t get much use from this tire. 

best rear tractor tires

Best Rear Tractor Tire for Grass: R-3

Are you looking for the best tractor tires that won’t harm your grass? If so, R-3s can answer all your turf needs. These tires offer traction without tearing up your lawn or compacting the ground below. Though typically used on sub-tractors for golf courses and smaller yards, they can address larger-scale turf management on a full-size tractor with ease.

While the shallow tread on this tire also translates well to pavement, steer clear of any kind of dirt, mud, snow, or sand. The tires will spin when met with any type of resistance, leaving you stuck in minutes.

Best Overall Rear Tractor Tire: R4

When you need a reliable tire that can do almost any job, tractor tire comparison ends with the R4. The moderate tread of an R4 prevents these tires from sinking in mud while also accommodating a variety of drier conditions. It’s middle of the road tread also translates well to hard surfaces and can navigate sandy soil that isn’t too deep.

While we still suggest avoiding turf with an R4 tire, its ability to perform on almost any surface makes it our top pick.

Your premier Oregon tractor dealership can help with any recommendation from the best tire choices to what to do with old tractor tires. Call us to answer any tractor needs.