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David – TYM T474HC Cab Tractor/Loader

Cooper and his human, David from Nampa, Idaho picked up their new TYM T474HC Cab tractor/loader. They will really enjoy that beautiful comfy cab when it comes time to get their work done. Congratulations and Thanks David for coming to Keno Tractors to purchase your new tractor. We know you and Cooper will enjoy it!

Stacy – Branson/TYM 4820H

  Stacy from Prosser, WA just got his new Branson/TYM 4820H with a set of forks and a canopy. Congratulations Stacy. Thank you for choosing Keno Tractors to help you with your purchase. Enjoy that new Branson/TYM tractor!

Jim & Sarah – Branson TYM 2610h Tractor/Loader

Jim and Sarah from Winston, Oregon just got their new Branson TYM 2610h Tractor/Loader complete with a couple of implements. They'll sure enjoy those when it comes time to take care of their place. Congratulations you two! And thank you for choosing Keno Tractors to help you with your purchase.

Shane & Sabrina – Branson/TYM 2515R Tractor/Loader/Backhoe

Shane, Sabrina, and their Son from Princeton, Oregon came to Keno Tractors and got a great deal on a Branson/TYM 2515R Tractor/Loader/Backhoe with a box scraper. Thank you, Shane and Sabrina, we know that you will be enjoying that new Branson/TYM Tractor when it comes time to get your work done.

Ken – Branson TYM 2515R Tractor/Loader

From the look on that little boy's face, he's pretty sure his Dad bought that tractor just for him! Ken and his son from Chiloquin, Oregon took delivery of their new Branson TYM 2515R Tractor/Loader. We wish them many happy years of running it together. Congratulations!

Otto – Branson 2515h Tractor/Loader/Backhoe

Otto came from Central Point, Oregon to pick up his new Branson 2515h Tractor/Loader/Backhoe. The 2515 is still our most popular tractor. It combines a great price with all the things you need the most in a small tractor. Thanks Otto. We know you'll enjoy our new Branson TYM Tractor/Loader/Backhoe.

Rick – T25H Tractor/Loader

Rick and his pup Bodie from Lapine, Oregon got a nice T25H Tractor/Loader with some implements. The T25 has optimized height and a heavier structure. It’s equipped with one of the biggest lift capabilities among sub-compacts. Higher traveling speeds enable greater ground coverage, powered by an efficient engine that generates more output at lower rpms. The engine is also Tier 4 certified, producing minimized emissions and promoting more efficient fuel burn. With features to promote operator productivity like the brighter LED console and additional implement functionality with a third function valve, the T25 enables productivity and versatility to every job. [...]