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Jon – New Mahindra 4540 Tractor/Loader

Jon from Medford, Oregon got his new Mahindra 4540 Tractor/Loader with a set of forks and a mower. The Mahindra 4540 is a practical no nonsense all around tractor for the homeowner and small farm. It has a 41 horsepower engine and is compatible with an extensive number of high-quality implements and attachments. It looks like you've chosen just the right tractor for yourself Jon. Thank you for your purchase and enjoy your new Mahindra tractor!

Travis & Family – Branson TYM 2515H Tractor

Travis and his family from Midland, Oregon just took delivery of his new Branson TYM 2515h Tractor, Loader, Backhoe and Rototiller. With that setup he should be able to get all the jobs done around their place and more! Thanks Travis for choosing Keno Tractors. Enjoy your new TYM tractor.

John Paul & Cynthia – Mahindra 1635 Hst. Tractor/Loader

John Paul and Cynthia from Winnemucca, Nv got a great deal on a Mahindra 1635 Hst. Tractor/Loader. With the implements he got, he is set to get some work done around his place. I bet his SUPERVISOR pictured will be involved in the entire process. 😊 Congratulations on your new Mahindra purchase JohnPaul and Cynthia. Thank you for choosing Keno Tractors. Enjoy!

Greg – Used Jinma Tractor

Greg from Klamath Falls got a great deal on a Used Jinma Tractor/Loader and a box scraper. Thanks Greg for choosing Keno Tractors as your local tractor shop! Anyone out there looking for a nice used tractor, make sure you check Keno Tractors Used Tractor page on our website. When we receive one, we perform a thorough inspection before putting it on the lot for sale. At any given time we could have a numerous variety of Used Tractors available.

Tom & Judi – TYM T254h Tractor

Tom and Judi from Klamath Falls just got a new TYM T254h Tractor/Loader with a set of Forks to work around their place. This sub-compact tractor is proof that good things can come in small packages. It brings you greater power without compromising on maneuverability. Congratulations you two! Thanks for choosing Keno Tractors and enjoy your new tractor.

Chris – Branson/TYM 4215R Tractor

Chris, got a new Branson/TYM 4215R Tractor, Loader, Backhoe to work on his place in Jacksonville, Oregon. I don't blame him for smiling! That's a really nice tractor setup and I know he'll enjoy using it around the place. Congratulations Chris! Enjoy your new TYM Tractor.

Steve – TYM T25 Tractor

Steve from the Bend/LaPine area just got his new TYM T25h Tractor/Loader and Rake. The T25h Tractor/Loader is a TYM Sub-Compact Tractor with optimized height and a heavier structure. It’s equipped with one of the biggest lift capabilities among sub-compacts. Higher traveling speeds and powered by an efficient engine that generates more output at lower rpms. Steve will undoubtedly have fun with this new tractor and in the process he'll get all that work done around the place that he's wants to do. Thank You Steve and enjoy your new tractor!

Brennon – Branson/TYM Tractor

Brennon and his wife just got their new Branson/TYM 5835R Tractor/Loader/Backhoe. This heavy duty tractor is just the ticket to get your work done on the farm or ranch. The TYM BH350 Backhoe is engineered to complete heavy-duty tasks and take full advantage of TYM 5835 tractor’s extra power and durability. Ideal for applications that need extra strength and versatility. Congratulations you guys! Enjoy your new tractor.

Glen – Branson/TYM Tractor

Glen and his Wife, accompanied by their dog wearing team colors, came from Trail, Oregon to get their new Branson/TYM 2515h Tractor/ Loader along with a Grapple Bucket, and Forks. Thank you Glen for choosing Keno Tractors to help you with your purchase. Congratulations and Enjoy your new tractor!