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How to Start a Hobby Farm in 3 Simple Steps

Are you an experienced gardener looking to take the next step? Perhaps you have an understanding of animals or a desire to raise your own food? In either case, a hobby farm can not only be a practical choice, but a rewarding one as well. We'll review how to start a hobby farm from planning to purchasing so that your farm is both successful and gratifying.  Wondering How to Start a Hobby Farm? Here's Where to Begin A hobby farm requires daily, year-round commitment and hard work. Our guide provides the planning and forethought that can pave the way to [...]

FAQ: How to Turn an Old Barn into a Wedding Venue

Old barns have become increasingly popular venues for couples looking to add rustic charm to their wedding. However, preparing an old barn for a wedding celebration involves more than just flowers and music. Considerations such as permits, and the barn’s structural suitability also come into play. As spring ushers in wedding season we’ll discuss how to turn an old barn into a wedding venue so it’s a joy for everyone. How to Turn an Old Barn Into a Wedding Venue: The Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask Turning a farm into a wedding venue requires different planning and considerations when [...]

Things to Consider When Clearing Land

DIY land clearing can save you a lot of money over hiring a crew to do it for you. If you have the proper tractor equipment and manpower, it doesn’t have to be difficult either. Here are some things to consider when clearing land and preparing it for use. What to Consider When Clearing Land Watch out for property lines Before clearing your land, it is essential to know exactly where your property lines are. Investing in a thorough survey, if you have not done so already, will help you avoid the painful headache and potentially costly legal situation [...]

Things to Consider When Digging a Pond

Things to Consider When Digging a Pond If you have a farm or large property, a pond can be a great use of all that space. It provides the perfect place to relax and hang out with family and friends. While this can be a really fun project, there are some things to consider when digging a pond. Is your pond going to be functional or more for ambiance? Do you have animals that will drink from it or fish that will live in it? What's your budget for the pond and do you have the right type of soil? [...]

Top 5 Tractor Games for PC and Mobile

Farming games are all the rage with audiences of all ages. When FarmVille released in 2009, it was the most played game on Facebook for 16 solid months! Needless to say, games about the farmer’s life are both intriguing and fun. If you’re looking for a fun farming game, here are 5 tractor games for PC and mobile that you must try (plus some honorable mentions). Let the games begin! Best Tractor Games for PC and Mobile 5. Tractor Tippin with Cars™. We all love the classic scene from Disney Pixar’s Cars when Tow Mader and Lightning McQueen go “Tractor Tipping”. [...]

9 Insane, Crazy Tractors + Videos You Won’t Believe

  Yes, Virginia, There is a Tractor This Big! This impossibly mammoth machine is used in modern surface mining. To give you an idea of perspective, this machine is bigger than the huge NASA Crawler that transports space shuttles to the launch pads but its top speed is 1 kilometer per hour. Slow down, Nelly!     Big Brutus At 16 stories tall and 11 million pounds, it is the second largest electric shovel in the world. Slow and steady topping out at maximum speed of 0.22 miles per hour.     This Tractor’s Made for Walkin’! Leave it to John [...]

Our 8 Best Tractor Museums

Are you a huge fan of tractors? Or maybe the huge fan is one of your little ones? Well whoever it is, we have something that they're going to love! We've put together a list of our all time favorite tractor and agricultural museums. Not only will these museums give you tractor history, they'll show you some of the very first tractor models, and prototypes. Check the list below to find one near you! The Heidrick Ag History Center - Woodland, California The Heidrick Ag History Center consists of rare examples of tractors, harvesters, trucks, autos, horse-drawn implements and other artifacts [...]

Rain Gear for Farmers

I’m sure you’ve heard (or maybe you know from experience) this is the year of El Nino—and with lots of rain, comes lots of mud. When there are things that need to get done, you can't let the crazy weather get in the way of your work! So check out some of our favorite rain gear to keep you dry while you work during this very rainy season. Rain Jacket— A waterproof jacket is an essential item when you're trying to stay dry. Raincoats are classified as long, button up coats with a hood, and if you’re thinking about getting one, it's [...]

The Meanings of Different Flowers for Valentine’s Day

The big day is coming up fast! That’s right – Valentine’s Day is only a little ways away! If you’re like most of the millions of Americans out there, you will be buying flowers this Valentine’s Day for your significant other. But did you know that each flower has a different meaning?   Knowing the correct Valentine’s Day flowers meaning can be the ultimate gesture of love. Some flowers express commitment, some express passion, and all sorts of other things! So if you’re wanting to add a little sentimentality to your gift this year, show up with not just a [...]