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How to Plant Seed with a Tractor: From Equipment to Execution

One of the most rewarding sights for farmers is a freshly planted field, with neat rows of sprouting crops signaling the promise of a fruitful harvest. Learning how to plant seed with a tractor is a critical part of the process, requiring a careful blend of technical know-how, machinery expertise, and a dash of agricultural intuition. How to Plant Seed with a Tractor: A Comprehensive Guide Here, we'll explore different ways of how to plant seed with a tractor with a tractor, and tackle common problems you may encounter (along with their solutions), to help you master this crucial farming [...]

What Are Rototillers Used For?

Whether you're preparing acres of land or a backyard garden, rototillers, like other useful tractor attachments, can save hours of labor. What are rototillers used for? Their ability to loosen and aerate soil can prepare land for planting, level ground, and remove grass. Learn how different types of rototillers work to perform these helpful functions. Your Equipment Questions, Answered: What Are Rototillers Used For? Rototillers come in a variety of models to best accomplish different jobs. Before we answer what are rototillers used for, we'll break down what they are and how to best use each type. What is a [...]

What’s the Difference Between a Chain Harrow vs Disc Harrow?

Harrows are a vital piece of farming equipment but choosing the right type is essential to getting a job done right. What's the difference between a chain harrow vs disc harrow? Chain harrows lift and spread the soil while a disc harrow breaks up large clumps of dirt to prepare it for planting. Learn the differences between these two types of harrows so each can be used to their specific advantages. Comparing and Contrasting a Chain Harrow vs Disc Harrow What is a harrow used for on a farm? Generally speaking, harrows are used to break up or spread soil. [...]

What is The Best Hay Equipment for Your Tractor?

If you own a small farm and tractor, making your own hay can seem like a daunting task. However, having the right tools can make all the difference, producing high-quality hay and saving time and money. What is the best hay equipment for a smaller tractor owner? A disc mower, hay rake, and mini round baler are essential to producing good quality hay as easily as possible. Our guide explains what each tool does and why it's so important. A Guide to the Best Hay Equipment for Your Tractor Understanding what is the best hay equipment also depends on knowledge [...]

The Best Rear Tractor Tires for Your Farm

While your tractor can handle almost any farming task, the right tires are essential to getting the job done right. To get the most out of your tractor, our experts listed their top choices for the best rear tractor tires. From row cropping to lawn maintenance, these tires provide the strength and versatility your tractor needs for optimal performance. How to Choose the Best Rear Tire Tractors The best rear tractor tires can make the difference between checking a task off your list or adding to it with a messy cleanup. But what are the different types of tractor tires [...]

Featured Happy Customer – Jinma 284 Tractor Restoration

Joshua - Used Jinma 284 Tractor Restoration It's not often we get to take part in restoration projects, but we were lucky enough to be contacted by Joshua Borland regarding an old Jinma 284 tractor. This machine was sitting in a field for about 2 years and was in desperate need of repair. Joshua saw the potential in this tractor and decided to tackle the project. He came to find that buying parts for this tractor was not an easy task. He contacted Keno Tractors and we were able to help get every part he needed to restore this Jinma [...]

What’s the Difference Between a Backhoe vs. Excavator for Farm Use?

Spring is in full swing and that means building fences, clearing land, and plowing takes up much of your days. If you’re in need of some serious digging equipment for these jobs, which tractor accessories do you need? Understanding the size and versatility of a backhoe vs. excavator for farm use can help make the right choice for your projects. […]

Keno’s Top 5 Tractor Videos

If you’re looking for farm tractor videos you’ve come to the right place! From tractor maintenance videos to how-to-install videos, Keno Tractors has what you need. We’ve compiled a list of some of our most popular videos to help clear up questions you may have on attachments and tractor operation. Here is a list of our top 5 most requested tractor videos for you to peruse. […]

Tractor Snow Blower Safety Tips

Got snow? Your snow blower will be your best friend this season! Here are some trusted tractor snow blower safety tips to make your efforts safe and your tractor maintenance hassle-free. Top Tractor Snow Blower Safety Tips Maintain Your Tractor Tractor snow blower safety tips always begin with tractor maintenance. As a result, the most important part of tractor maintenance is knowing your tractor. Changing the oil and fuel, checking fluids, and checking tire pressure is a good start. Read the manual and be familiar with all the parts, uses, and recommended routine maintenance. Furthermore, memorize and understand all safety [...]