Harrows are a vital piece of farming equipment but choosing the right type is essential to getting a job done right. What’s the difference between a chain harrow vs disc harrow? Chain harrows lift and spread the soil while a disc harrow breaks up large clumps of dirt to prepare it for planting. Learn the differences between these two types of harrows so each can be used to their specific advantages.

Comparing and Contrasting a Chain Harrow vs Disc Harrow

What is a harrow used for on a farm? Generally speaking, harrows are used to break up or spread soil. This can be for a wide variety of purposes, from gardening and landscaping to cultivating large crop fields. Consequently, there are several types of harrows, with the chain and disc being the most widely used. Here’s how a chain harrow vs disc harrow compare.

What is a Chain Harrow?

Also known as a drag or blanket harrow, the chain harrow is used to spread and aerate dirt and sand. In contrast to a heavy, metal disc harrow, it’s made of a light chain mesh with small spikes or teeth. A drag harrow vs disc harrow can also only be mounted on the rear of vehicles, while some disc harrows can be mounted on the offside. Given the lightness of a chain harrow, they’re usually used with other harrows, often as a final cultivating step.

chain harrow vs disc harrow

The chain harrow is best used for the following jobs:

  • Lightly leveling surface soil
  • Breaking up small dirt clumps to create a finer surface
  • Covering newly-planted seeds
  • Spreading fertilizer
  • Leveling and smoothing sports fields

What is a Disc Harrow?

A disc harrow breaks up large clumps of dirt to ready a field for planting. It’s composed of metal discs on a heavy metal frame, with different types of discs for different soil conditions or purposes. While it’s one of the most commonly used tractor attachments for gardening, it’s capable of cultivating acres of land. The heavy blades can cut through large clumps of soil, weeds, and old crops, making it ideal for the toughest jobs.

What is disc harrow

What is disc harrow work? The following jobs are best-suited for this type of harrow:

  • Breaking up large clumps of soil
  • Uprooting weeds
  • Chopping up old crops and stumps
  • Turning and mixing soil
  • Leveling out large swaths of uneven ground

Which is Best: Chain vs Disc Harrow?

When comparing a chain harrow vs disc harrow, the question of which is best comes down to the type of job you’re doing. A chain harrow is ideal for aerating or lightly spreading soil, chopping up small clumps of dirt, or smoothing playing fields. Do you need to break up large clumps of dirt, weeds, or old crops to ready soil for planting? In that case, a disc harrow is the best tool for the job.

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