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Even though Jinma Tractors are built to withstand heavy use and accomplish different tasks around the farm or construction site, some parts are bound to break down at some point due to wear and tear. This can be a frustrating experience because it hampers productivity. You’ll definitely need to replace the broken parts as soon as possible. Well, it is generally advisable to purchase parts manufactured by the same company as the tractor to ensure easy compatibility and smooth operation after installation.

Finding quality Chinese tractor parts for your Jinma, however, is often a challenging task─ especially if you’re a new tractor owner. What parts do you need? Do you know how to best judge the quality of the parts? Without the right knowledge, you may end up wasting a lot of money or getting the wrong parts. If you’re not sure about what parts to buy, the best course of action is to contact an authorized and reputed tractor parts dealer like Keno Tractors. In line with this, here are factors worth considering:

  • Cost of the tractor parts
  • Condition of the parts
  • Brand
  • Specific needs

So right away, let’s dive into examining the above factors and see how they play a role in determining which parts best fits your needs.


Not every dealer supplies high quality and durable tractor parts. As a reputable Chinese tractor dealer, we’ll advise you to consider parts from well-known brands. You could save money by buying from an aftermarket parts manufacturer; however, you might find yourself forking out extra money in the long run if the company doesn’t produce high-quality parts.


You want the best deal possible, right? While you might want to go for the most affordable parts, you should keep in mind not to compromise on the quality. We’re not saying parts that cost less are of low-quality! Just so you’re aware, we too offer parts at a very affordable price. Note: If your tractor needs extensive replacements, it would be best that you consider this cost with the cost of buying a used or new tractor. This way you’ll know if the deal is worthwhile.

Preference and needs

You’ll have to keep your specific needs and preferences in mind when shopping for tractors parts. What is it that you need? Is it an upgrade to the tractor or parts for repairs? Or simply attachments to make work easier ─ lifts, trailers, and power take-off run engines.


It is always imperative to consider the condition of the tractor part before making a purchase. If you want to be sure you’ll get what you pay for, just consider buying parts that have not been used. Installing parts that already are heavily used might seem a cheap mode, but you’re likely to encounter problems frequently which can be costly.

Need a reputable and trusted Chinese tractor parts dealer? Look no further. We are here to help you with all the parts you need for your Jinma Tractor. We carry a stock of spare parts with regular deliveries from our Chinese factory.

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