Chris and Lisa from Umatilla, Oregon just got their new Branson/TYM 4820C Cab Tractor/Loader. Chris has an awesome YouTube channel that you should take the time to check out. It’s called Mountain Cabin Living. He documented his 1,947 mile Round Trip to Keno Tractors to pick up their new Branson/ TYM 4820C tractor there. The first half of the video is covering his road trip along Highway 138. If you’ve ever adventured out on some of the trails in that area along the North Umpqua you will know you are in for some beautiful scenery. Then he follows up with taking delivery of his new tractor here at Keno Tractors. Watch the walk around of his new 4820C Cab tractor. You’re in for a treat. PS there is an advertisement for 5 seconds so don’t give up. It’s not spam.

Thank you Chris and Lisa. Congratulations and enjoy your new tractor.

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