Recreational farming is a great hobby, but you may be on the fence about whether to buy a tractor or UTV for your hobby farm. There are pros and cons for both a small farm utility vehicle vs a small tractor. You need to know what to look for in a farm vehicle and we can help you determine which is best for you.

Compact Tractor or UTV – Which One Do I Need?

We’ve got the dirt on the tractor or UTV debate and want to help you find what suits your needs the best. You’ll be surprised at what a UTV can accomplish, and it’s easy on the budget. Check out the pros and cons of each to narrow it down.

Compact Tractor for Hobby Farms

When deciding between a tractor or UTV, small farm tractors are great for plowing, mowing, and making hay bales. They can still maneuver around buildings and pasture gates and often are equipped with useful accessories. On the other hand, UTV farm vehicles can often do the same things and your cost output is lower.


  1. Good for bigger projects when it comes to plowing, groundwork (digging), mowing large areas, etc.
  2. Powerful engines/transmissions – options available to suit your needs.
  3. Can use a wider selection of implements/more powerful implements.


  1. Expensive
  2. Slow – not as good for transporting cargo or people
  3. Not good in rough/muddy terrain
  4. Suited to specific jobs – not used for recreational activities.

compact tractor

Farming with a UTV

If you are looking into a tractor or UTV, UTVs are likely the most versatile vehicle on the farm. They combine the function of a small tractor with the maneuverability of ease of a recreational vehicle. For example, towing with UTV is easy! You’ve got power, accessories, speed, and maneuverability all in one.


  1. Great for transporting people & supplies, plowing, mowing, raking, spreading seed, building fences, etc. – all on a smaller scale
  2. Great for off-road and muddy terrain
  3. Less expensive than tractors
  4. Can be used for recreation outside of farming – even farmers like to play on their day off!


  1. Have limitations compared to tractors when it comes to larger projects (mowing/seeding/raking large areas)
  2. Transmissions are not as good for heavy work that requires low-gear power
  3. Lower resale value in comparison to tractors

utv farm vehicles

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