Is there a cyclist in your life who’s passionate about two wheels and the open road?  Or maybe there’s someone you love who loves biking, but not the exertion that can come with it? The great thing about the GenZe 200 Series Electric Bike is that it can be the perfect holiday gift for almost anyone.

The GenZe 200 Series Electric Bike: What You Need to Know

We think this is one of those gift ideas for bike enthusiasts that will usher them to a whole new level of biking. For others, it can introduce them to the pleasures of easy and sustainable travel. Our GenZe Bike review provides a rundown of the features and specs that make it a great gift for almost anyone on your list.

Where are GenZe Electric Bikes Made?

We’re proud to say that the GenZe 200 Series Electric Bike is made by the trusted name of Mahindra. All bikes are assembled with quality parts in Michigan, right here in the USA.

Best GenZe 200 Series Bike Features

The GenZe 200 Series Electric Bike can go all the places a conventional bike goes from the bike lanes of city streets to wide suburban roads. With the ability to travel 30-50 miles on one charge, errands and pleasure cruises alike know no bounds.

Plus, the throttle and pedal assist functions make riding the Mahindra GenZe Bike easier than ever. Other features include:

  • Removable battery that is fully charged in 3.5 hours
  • Top speed of 20 MPH
  • Made of lightweight aluminum – weighing only 46lbs
  • Smartphone mount and USB charger allows for both safe and portable charging
  • Bluetooth connection app available to track routes and activity levels
GenZe 200 Series Electric Bike

Photo Credit: GenZe by Mahindra

Who This Gift is Perfect For

The GenZe 200 Series Electric Bike isn’t only for bike enthusiasts. The bike’s features are universal enough to benefit almost anyone on your gift list:

  • City commuters
  • Environmentalists committed to zero emissions transportation
  • College students needing easy travel around campus
  • Step-through style perfect for sharing with family members of different heights or older adults looking for an easier frame to mount

Still looking to know more about the GenZe E-Bike? Come on down to Keno Tractors and talk to one of our experts. As always, we’re happy to answer all your questions.