Are you looking to create a Halloween destination? With old wooden beams, cobwebby corners, and dim lighting, the average barn can have an eerie feel on any given day (or night).  Turn this farm space into Halloween-central with haunted barn ideas like a spider web entrance and floating candles for a spooky celebration. 

Transform Your Farm With These Haunted Barn Ideas

The very attributes that give a barn its rustic charm can turn it into a Halloween masterpiece. Our haunted barn ideas use basic farm supplies with a touch of crafty inspiration to transform this everyday workspace.

Create an Eerie Entrance For Your Haunted Barn

Knowing how to start a haunted house begins with an entrance that brings the fright factor. The wide double doors of most barns offer the perfect opportunity to create a dramatic entryway. Draping the opening with a dark curtain or surrounding it with corn stalks from a local corn maze attraction can add instant atmosphere. Here are some more haunted barn ideas for your entrance that give a hint of the spooky surprises inside:

  • Line the path leading up to the barn with pumpkins, foam gravestones, or colored LED lights.
  • Drape the entrance with faux spiders and spider webs.
  • Create a DIY Halloween barn pumpkin arch with foam pumpkins.
haunted barn ideas

Image: Don Marin via Blogspot

Set a Terrifying Tone With Lighting

LED candles and colored lights can quickly turn barn into haunted house for Halloween. Place LED candelabras in a shadowy corner or on barn shelves. Line walls and beams with purple, orange, and green string lights. Feeling a little crafty? Follow these steps to make your own floating candles:

  1. Apply hot glue to the rims of cardboard paper towel and toilet paper rolls, letting the glue drip down.
  2. When the glue dries, spraypaint the rolls black or white.
  3. Poke four holes around the opening of the roll and weave the fishing line through each with a needle.
  4. Place an LED tea light inside the roll so it nests on top of the fishing line.
  5. Tie off one end of the fishing line against the roll and leave enough on the other end to hang from a ceiling or beam with a thumbtack.
turn barn into haunted house for halloween

Image: Two Pepers

Make Farm Tools Frightening

The best haunted farm ideas can transform the every day into the uncanny. These tips take typical farm tools and use them as easy, inexpensive, and frightening decor:

  • String cobwebs around an old, rusty tractor and place a plastic skeleton in the driver’s seat.
  • Drape old wooden barrels with black tablecloths to display pumpkins, jack o’ lanterns, or LED candles.
  • Stack hay bales and drape them with torn cheesecloth and plastic spiders.
  • Hang old brooms on the wall with witches’ silhouettes.
  • Give your scarecrow a friendly jack o’ lantern head.

We hope these haunted barn ideas transform this versatile space into a Halloween gathering spot for everyone to enjoy. From all of us at Keno Tractors, have a safe and Happy Halloween!