As welcome as spring can be, it’s the beginning of one of the busiest times for farmers. If you’re wondering how to prepare my farm for spring, our tips can save you time and effort in the long run. From preparing the soil to inspecting equipment, a little planning can set you up for a healthy and profitable year ahead.

Planning Ahead: How Do I Prepare My Farm for Spring?

Winter is long and can wreak havoc on your land and equipment. But knowing where to start to begin a productive growing season can be overwhelming. We’ll help you answer how to prepare my farm for spring to avoid repairs and delays as days get busier.

Inspect Your Equipment

Your equipment can be your best asset in boosting productivity in an unpredictable season. Knowing how to prepare my farm for spring begins and ends with these equipment maintenance tips:

  • Brush up on how to change oil in a tractor and check coolant levels
  • Oil and grease all tractor components as recommended
  • Confirm that safety equipment is up to current code and in proper working order
  • Check tractor tire pressure
  • Make sure you have enough fuel and maintenance supplies on hand for the season
  • Schedule any needed professional repairs in advance, as agricultural mechanics will get busy.

Determine What Crops You’ll Grow

How to prepare garden for spring starts with determining what you want to grow. Here are some criteria to help you make informed choices:

  • Consider the fixed and variable costs for what you want to plant, studying current costs and projected outlooks
  • Order seeds in advance of planting time
  • Make sure you have the proper fertilizer and pest repellent on hand for the crops you plan to grow

Prepare the Soil

Though spring weather can be unpredictable, take every available opportunity to prepare soil for garden planting or large-scale production. These starting points can help make sure your soil is ready to support healthy plantings:

  • Till the soil early in the season to give micronutrients a chance to reestablish and develop.
  • Test soil for nutrients and to determine pH levels
  • If composting, ready the compost for spring by making sure it’s not too wet or dry. If you didn’t spread compost in the fall, we recommend doing so 2-3 weeks before planting

prepare my farm for spring

Examine Livestock

If you own livestock, now is the time to ensure their health and inspect their accommodations. These spring examinations can help maintain proper care of your animals:

  • Schedule veterinary appointments to make sure vaccinations are up-to-date and general health is inspected
  • Make sure fencing is in good repair before livestock is turned out to pasture
  • Clean out animal shelters and make any needed repairs

When wondering how to prepare my farm for spring Keno Tractors is here to make sure you’re set up for success. As the premier Oregon tractor dealer, we have everything you need for a profitable and productive growing season!