Sure, you can haul your tractor in for service to get an oil change. But knowing how to perform regular Mahindra tractor maintenance can be essential to understanding how your equipment operates. Our step-by-step guide illustrates how to perform a Mahindra 1600 series oil change from draining the old oil to checking for leaks.

5 Steps to Perform a Mahindra 1600 Series Oil Change

These five steps to a Mahindra 1600 Series oil change may take some initial practice. But continuing to perform recommended oil changes every six months can be worth it for the money saved, and the knowledge gained.

#1. Check Your Mahindra 1600 Series Owner’s Manual

The first step in changing oil on Mahindra tractor begins with consulting your owner’s manual. Most basic manuals provide the following information that is necessary to perform an oil change:

  • Fuel type (gasoline or diesel)
  • Mahindra tractor engine oil capacity
  • Type of filter (spin-on or cartridge)
  • Oil weight recommendation
mahindra 1600 series oil change

Image Credit: Mahindra

#2. Drain the Oil

Before you begin to drain the old oil, we recommend parking your tractor on a level surface, turning it off and removing the key. We also suggest having drain pans, wrenches, and towels handy and wearing gloves to protect your hands. Follow these initial steps to begin draining the oil:

  • Locate the oil drain plug on the bottom of the engine block
  • Place your drain pan on the ground below the oil drain plug
  • Loosen the drain plug, allowing the oil to drain

changing oil on mahindra tractor

#3. Change the Oil Filter

The next step in a Mahindra 1600 Series oil change is removing the old filter.  After locating the filter, take care to remove the O-rings or rubber gaskets that accompany it, as new ones will come with your new filter.

When installing a new spin-on or cartridge filter, we recommend threading it tightly with your wrench but not overly so. Heat will tighten the fit over time, and too tight a fit could make your next oil change difficult.

#4: Fill with Engine Oil

Your oil fill is typically located near the tractor’s oil level check dipstick. With a funnel, pour in the new oil after confirming the type, weight, and amount required.

#5. Check for Oil Leaks

While your oil change is technically complete, checking for leaks is a necessary safety precaution. Follow these steps to assess for leaks:

  • Run the tractor in neutral with the parking brake on for 30 seconds, watching for leaks around the drain plug and oil filter.
  • Turn off the tractor and wait several minutes.
  • Use the dipstick to confirm the correct oil level.

With practice, performing a Mahindra 1600 Series oil change yourself can deepen your understanding of how this essential piece of equipment operates. As the primary Mahindra tractor dealer in Oregon and beyond, the team at Keno Tractors is always happy to answer any question.