There’s no prettier sight than horses turned out to pasture on a warm summer day. But as summer fast approaches, the right upkeep is essential before allowing livestock to roam. We’ll review how to maintain horse pasture areas with proper fence management, land resurfacing, and grass mowing.

Tips and Tricks for How to Maintain Horse Pasture Areas

How do you manage a horse’s pasture to maintain a safe and beneficial outdoor area? Anyone who’s worked a farm knows that the right equipment is essential to getting a job done correctly and safely. Our tips for how to maintain horse pasture fences and land include the right tractor attachments and tools for proper care.

Horse Pasture Fence Management

Horse pasture management starts with ensuring that its fences are in good repair. After a long winter, fencing can suffer breakage, and posts can loosen, jeopardizing its integrity. This can threaten your horses’ safety by leaving a pasture without secure boundaries.

Substituting fencing material with fresh wood or wire each spring is essential to keep fencing strong. Replacing fence posts is also important to maintain the structure and strength of your fence. Post hole diggers can make this job easier and come in a variety of sizes with different attachment options.

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Resurfacing Land

Over time and with repeated use, horses can change the surface of pastureland, creating hills and valleys in a previously flat landscape.  Favorite feeding areas that are unable to grow thick grass can also affect drainage, creating muddy or boggy areas. Walk or ride your pasturelands regularly to determine if certain areas need resurfacing with fresh dirt and grass.

A horse arena will need more frequent care to maintain the different layers that best support a horse’s legs. Horse arena maintenance equipment includes a front loader for replacing the different materials of each layer. Front loaders can help remove topsoil, add the base’s compacted material and deposit fresh sand for an even top layer. Rake attachments can also be used to smooth out the top layer of larger arenas.

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Lawn Maintenance

One of the most important steps in how to maintain horse pasture areas is consistent mowing. Rotary cutting mowers or brush mowers are ideal for spring work, as they can easily cut down tall grass and roll over small rocks without damage.

However, a finishing mower is essential for regular summer mowing to keep the grass at the length that most horses prefer for eating. Mowing every 2-3 weeks will ensure that your pastureland is evenly grazed, eliminating favorite areas or neglected spots. By having 1 or 2 mower attachments available you can properly mow your pastures at various points throughout the season.

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Knowing how to maintain horse pasture areas with the right equipment is essential to maintaining an optimum quality of life for your horses. Keno Tractors has the best tractor accessories and equipment for all your farm maintenance needs!