Old barns have become increasingly popular venues for couples looking to add rustic charm to their wedding. However, preparing an old barn for a wedding celebration involves more than just flowers and music. Considerations such as permits, and the barn’s structural suitability also come into play. As spring ushers in wedding season we’ll discuss how to turn an old barn into a wedding venue so it’s a joy for everyone.

How to Turn an Old Barn Into a Wedding Venue: The Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask

Turning a farm into a wedding venue requires different planning and considerations when compared to a hall or function room. To determine if this setting is right for you, we’ll answer key questions about how to turn an old barn into a wedding venue.

#1: Is My Barn Suitable for a Wedding Venue?

A much as you may love a barn’s appearance, starting a wedding venue on a farm has to begin and end with your guests’ needs. Before sending out your invitations, we suggest asking these questions about your barn’s suitability as a wedding venue:

  • Is the barn structurally sound?
  • Is there adequate parking space?
  • Is the property ADA compliant to ensure accessibility for guests with disabilities?
  • Are there available walking paths to limit mud and dust?

how to turn an old barn into a wedding venue

#2: Do I Need a Permit?

The answer to this question is not if you need a permit but, rather, how many permits you may need for your location. Zoning for a wedding venue can vary across multiple local zoning boards. For example, the town where your barn is located may require separate permits for parking, liquor licenses and fire safety precautions.

When considering how to turn an old barn into a wedding venue, speak to the local town zoning board early in your planning. After determining what you need, expect some lag time in securing your permits. Filing and processing paperwork can take longer than expected.

#3: How Do I Prepare My Venue?

Once you’ve determined that the barn is suitable and started the permit process you can think about turning your property into a wedding venue. When preparing an old barn for a wedding we suggest keeping these considerations in mind:

  • Are restrooms available or how many can be set up?
  • Are there sufficient power sources and outlets for lighting and sound?
  • Is there a kitchen with proper refrigeration and food prep areas?
  • Is there a space for the bridal party to get dressed?

Keno Tractors recognizes the rustic charm of rural life from an old barn to creative uses for your old tractor tires. While knowing how to turn an old barn into a wedding venue has unique considerations, proper planning can result in a truly special event.