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Jinma JM-224 Review:Jinma 224 Review
Average 50 hours a year. Kept under a metal carport. I change the oil every 50 hours and has required only the usual maintenance. I had to change the lower radiator hose and must keep the radiator clean.

I use the front loader the most and I have a mower, box blade, road scraper, auger, and tiller. I have a garden every year and I use a Yanmar tiller. This tiller is good for the sandy soil I have. I like the narrow rear tires for the use in my garden. My tractor has about all of the options available for that model. For more of this review click here.

Jinma JM-284 Review:
We have 160 acres in the mountains and needed roads all over our land, up super steep terrain and some very hard core places. I put about a 120 hours on the bucket and blade and now have another 125 hours on the bucket and box scrapper (great attachment).

Jinma 284 Review

This Jinma tractor is fantastic. It’s constantly in 4 wheel drive here and no problems. Changed all on schedule. Had 1 small leak and 1 leak squirting hydraulics out everytime I lifted the box scrapper at 240 hours. Both were just the rubber on the washer (rubber, then metal) getting worn away.

Considering all it has done—no surprise. Changed the washers when doing the 250 hour (a little early) maintenance and all is again great. Bought ours from Keno Tractor in Oregon and they are fantastic to deal with; always ready to answer questions and provide parts.

Couldn’t be happier! Just made several ATV tracks for my son, with rollers, jumps, tabletops, etc. He and friends are lovin’ this tractor too! I can’t stay off of it! 250 hours in 7 mo. and not one problem. For more of this review click here.

Jinma JM-204 Review:
Not having an extremely large budget, I opted to purchase this Chinese Tractor. 4×4 is great and I have been able to purchase a lot of extras and have ended up paying a much less for all this than a name brand tractor alone would have cost.

JInma 204 ReviewI have the standard FEL, a brush mower, a back blade, a landscape rake, a backhoe, and a post hole digger. Everything for less than $15,000 total. All were bought new and everything works quite well. It does take a bit more effort to remove and install some of them but the trade-off is worth it. Shuttle Shift wasn’t available from the local distributor when I purchased mine and I wish I had been able to get this feature. For more of this review click here.