small jinma tractorCompact tractors are a godsend for small-scale farmers. More powerful than a utility vehicle yet less costly than their bigger counterparts, they can deliver incredible amounts of power for a fraction of the cost. As resilient as these small tractors are, they require a fair bit of care, maintenance and upkeep to stay in tip-top shape.


Everything you do, whether it is how you drive them, how you store them, and how you look after them will determine how long the tractor will last. For the owners of small tractors, here are some of the best ways to keep your machines in good shape.


1. Drive it properly.

If you’ve never driven a small tractor before, a few driving lessons will be necessary before you’re ready to properly operate your compact tractor. Tips such as removing your foot from the clutch pedal while driving and anticipating the next shift without stopping or slowing down are important to the overall health of the tractor and to the safety of the driver.

Unlatching the foot brakes while working on a particular section of land makes the tractor more nimble while latching them provides more stability when driving on smooth ground. You should also ensure that you’ve selected the appropriate gear before driving into the section of land that needs to be worked on.

2. Clean it thoroughly

Use both your eyes and your hands to find and clean all the dirty spots on the tractor. Use a blunt object to scrape off any caked mud and wash it completely clean after use. Keeping your compact farm companion clean prevents it from breaking down due to overheating (when layers of dirt and mud prevent proper heat loss) and also allows you to identify any damages such as cracks before causing any other damage. Use water to get rid of dirt and mud but use paraffin to remove any grease and oil stains. Finish the wash by giving it a nice buff using car wax.

When cleaning your tractor, however, there are a few things you should remember. First, never pour cold water on a hot engine: this could cause the block to crack. Secondly, always cover the exhaust pipe outlet to prevent water from running into it. The dashboard instruments and the alternator should also be covered to keep them safe from water damage. Also, avoid hosing the lights directly.

3. Storing it correctly.

Tractor storage is a big issue because they contain a lot of components that are prone to damage by the elements. Everything from the tires, the paint, the seats, and the instruments of a tractor can be damaged if left exposed in the sun for too long. If you don’t have a shed, building a simple shelter for your tractor shouldn’t be hard. All you need is four poles, some plywood, tin, or thatch. After erecting the four poles, you can use your preferred material to construct the walls and roof to give your tractor adequate protection from all the elements.

Coupled with regular maintenance checks from dealers of small tractors, like Keno Tractors your compact machine will provide you with several years of productivity and service.

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