3 year old Miss Kyla, along with her family Thor, Kim and Colton came into Keno Tractors carrying her life savings of $1 in a piggy bank. Kyla enjoys riding her own children’s ATV so much that she declared to her dad Thor that she was going to “buy him a 4-wheeler” so that he could ride with her! It was a solemn affair as she signed her first invoice and set down one of her larger coins (a nickel) on Michele’s desk followed by a fist full of coins at the urging of her parents. (Of course, Thor and Kim had their own paperwork to sign but we won’t tell Kyla that.)

We have to say that Kyla is our youngest and one of our cutest customers by far. Thank you Kyla and your family for stopping by Keno Tractors to purchase your gift to your dad.