We are immensely happy to announce our new feed store. Keno Tractors desires to provide our customers with more options, and so we now offer feed for your animals. We want to lend our expertise to help provide you with the best nutrition possible. We hope that within this feed store you will find all you need to help make feeding your horse, dog and cat a quick and easy task.

Our feed store guarantees that your horses don’t have to look anywhere else for the calories they crave. We value nutritionally sound products that are also priced at an affordable cost. The Equis Feed line, is brought to you by CHS Nutrition. With the wealth of knowledge and experience behind CHS products, it’s hardly surprising that they are so effective and so well respected. We are proud to provide you with the Equis Feed brand delivering nutrients your horse needs to be happier and healthier than ever.

Key Advantages of the Equis Feed Line: Equis®, a brand of CHS, features a smart approach to equine nutrition. Formulated for the best value. A well balanced, well fortified feed for an unbelievable price is more than guaranteed. Each and every ingredient in Equis® Feed is highly digestible. Increased digestibility will enhance your horse’s appearance and performance.

Apart from horse feed at our feed store, we are also providing pet food. We understand the bond between people and their pets as we have devoted to the care and feeding of animals. Our dogs and cats give us so much: their trust, their loyalty, and their love. So we want to do what’s best for them – to provide balanced nutrition and indulge them with the flavors they crave.

We are happy to be associated with Country Vet® Brand Pet Foods. It is a high quality, highly edible, and highly delicious brand of pet food.  All of our products are manufactured by C.S.D. Nutrition. You’ll find that our complete line of pet food meets the needs of all pet life stages.

We can meet the demands of every level for owners, breeders, trainers and vets. Come inside and take a look at what makes up our Premium line. Our Choice line represents the same care and determination we put toward the Premium selections. The difference is that we can pass on more savings due to the quantity of product we carry. We believe that Healthier Animals + Happier People = a Better World.