Best Rain Gear for Farmers

I’m sure you’ve heard (or maybe you know from experience) this is the year of El Nino—and with lots of rain, comes lots of mud. When there are things that need to get done, you can’t let the crazy weather get in the way of your work! So check out some of our favorite rain gear to keep you dry while you work during this very rainy season.

Rain Jacket— A waterproof jacket is an essential item when you’re trying to stay dry. Raincoats are classified as long, button up coats with a hood, and if you’re thinking about getting one, it’s a a good idea to invest in a nice one so that it will last you a couple years. Click Here to see our personal favorite! However, if you’re looking for something to wear only a few times and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, a Rain Poncho might be a better option.

Rain Suit— Looking for all-over coverage from the rain and mud? A rain suit can change a farmer’s life during the rainy season. Rain suits include rain pants or rain bibs, a raincoat, and a detachable hood. You can buy all these separately, or find a rain suit that includes all of these rain garments. A rain suit will keep you dry from head to toe and keep your clothes underneath clean from any mud. Take a look at one of our favorite rain suits from Farm & Fleet Here

Waterproof Boots— The term “rain boots” might be a little misleading. What usually comes to mind are the boots that are made out of a synthetic material—both uncomfortable and flimsy for farm work. Waterproof boots are made to work in, so they are comfortable, sturdy, warm, and their traction keeps you from slipping in the rain or mud. This is another rain gear item that is worth spending more money on for better quality, because you know you’ll be using these all winter. And nothing is worse than getting your dry, warm socks wet. Check out our favorite boots from each of these brands: AriatLaCrosse Kamik, andBogs.

Gloves— Rain GlovesNow that you are protected from head to toe, don’t forget about your hands! Your hands are very important when it comes to working outdoors. Gloves will not only protect your hands from a variety of outdoor jobs, it will keep them dry and warm in rainy weather. Need quick access to use your phone? There are many all-weather gloves that even have a conductive index finger, which allow you to use your phone without taking off your gloves.Click here to find a great selection.