If you are the proud owner of a hobby farm, you may be wondering whether or not you need a small tractor. Even if your hobby farm is a part-time venture or purely for recreation, the answer is yes! Having a small tractor for your hobby farm will make farm life more efficient and give you options you otherwise wouldn’t have. Let’s explore some reasons why a hobby farm tractor is an asset worth investing in.

5 Ways You Will Use a Small Tractor for Hobby Farm

#1 Feeding Animals

Feeding animals is one of the most important jobs on a farm. Due to the tractors size, visibility, and control, you can lift and maneuver bales of hay to place them precisely where you need them to be. Feeding time becomes more efficient, you minimize manual lift and carry, and by cutting your time down you’re able to increase productivity throughout the day.

Useful attachment: front-end loader

front end loader

#2 Cultivating Land

Preparing the ground so that you can work a plot of land is a key step in farming. Let a rototiller do the work for you. This indispensable tool will get the land ready for whatever lies ahead, and will allow you to work as leisurely or intensively as you please.

Useful attachment: rototiller

tractor rototiller

#3 Building Fences

Even for a hobby farmer, any kind of construction is serious hard work. Throw in there digging holes for fence posts and you’ve got your work cut out for you. It’s hard to imagine tackling a construction job without a tractor. Using a tractor to help dig the post holes, roll out wire, and carry equipment will take the job from a mountainous task to a workable one. You will learn that having a small tractor for hobby farm jobs makes everything better.

Useful attachment: post-hole digger

post hole digger

#4 Transporting Equipment

Any job you do on a farm seems to require the transporting of equipment. There are just not enough hours in the day to transport equipment on foot, do manual labor, and actually complete projects in a timely manner- hence the use of a reliable tractor. Between the front end loader and the backhoe, especially if equipped with forks, the moving and lifting of heavy and bulk materials becomes a manageable job.

Useful attachment: forks

tractor fork

#5 Harvesting Crops

If you’re tired of paying high prices for hay, are disappointed by the hay quality available, or simply don’t want to depend on others to provide what you need to feed your animals, you may decide to make your own hay. And why not? In order to bale hay, it must be raked into windrows. Hay cannot be baled directly from the windrow or swath created by the hay mower. In order to choose the right hay rake for your tractor, you need to know the specifications of your tractor. Its horsepower rating and weight are the most important details, but you may also need to know other details. Your tractor’s manual should have this information.

Useful attachment: hay rake

hay rake

With the many tractor choices available, there is certainly one to suit your needs. Having a small tractor for your hobby farm may be one of the best investments you make. You can even purchase used or new tractors online.