Whether your tractor has been hibernating for the winter or enduring tough winter projects, it’s in need of some love and care. Summer will be here before you know it, so it’s time to start on your long list of Spring chores. Get them done with no added stress and avoid tractor issues by following these helpful spring tractor maintenance tips.

Spring Tractor Maintenance

Spring Tractor MaintenanceFirst, become familiar with your tractor’s manual. Although these maintenance tips apply to all tractors, there are most likely things that are unique to your tractor that should be taken care of as well. Once you know a little more about your tractor, it’s time to begin your inspection.

Check for any loose or damaged parts. Locating them now will prevent further damage in the future.

Next, drain the oil. Especially if your tractor has been in storage, draining your oil will give it a chance to breathe a little. Now you’re going to check your air filter and replace it if necessary. (Note: This is a great place for mice and birds to make nests, so check inside your tractor for pests)

The next step in your spring tractor tune-up is to check and add coolant. Next, check your tractor’s battery. Clean your battery very carefully, and make sure everything is connected correctly.
Now your tractor needs a new oil filter. Remove the old one, properly dispose of it, and install a new oil filter. After your filter is installed, it’s time to add new oil. Once you’re done adding the oil, start your tractor and let it run for about 20-30 seconds. After that, check your oil levels to see if it’s full enough. (Note: All tractors are different when it comes to oil intake. Please refer to your manual for the correct kind.)

Your tractor should be up and running now! All that’s left is to check the tire pressure of all of your tires and apply lubricant to each nut, bolt, and joint to prevent rust and keep them from seizing up.

This should be all the spring tractor maintenance you have to do. But before beginning the spring season of chores and projects, it’s also a good idea to give your tractor a good clean. Winter mud and dirt can cause corrosion, so just use mild soap and a hose and get your tractor nice and shiny.

It’s important to prolong your tractor’s life in order to avoid costly repairs or even a complete tractor replacement. Your spring tractor maintenance will save you money and stress, and only cost you a little of your time.