Things to Consider When Digging a Pond

If you have a farm or large property, a pond can be a great use of all that space. It provides the perfect place to relax and hang out with family and friends. While this can be a really fun project, there are some things to consider when digging a pond.

Is your pond going to be functional or more for ambiance? Do you have animals that will drink from it or fish that will live in it? What’s your budget for the pond and do you have the right type of soil? All of these questions should be answered before you start digging a pond.

things to consider when digging a pond

Things to Know Before You Dig A Pond

What will the pond be used for?

One of the most important things to consider before you dig a pond is what it will be used for. Do you want your pond to be full of fish, or will it provide water for farm animals? Maybe you just want a small manageable pond to sit by after a long day. Whatever your intended use, keep that in mind when you dig.

What will it cost to dig the pond?

As with any project, make sure to have a budget for your pond. Having a specified budget will ensure you don’t overspend. Do you have room in your budget for fish, fountains, or other add-ons? Your budget will factor into your pond size as well.  Keep in mind that there may be pond maintenance costs down the line as well.

What size will the pond be?

Do you want a large pond with plenty of fish in it? Or are you going for a smaller pond to create a cozy gathering space? Of course, a larger pond will be more expensive and take longer to dig.

What will go in the pond?

Will you fill your pond with fish – koi, catfish, or something else? You’ll need to research the specific needs for whatever type of fish you put in your pond. This is something you’ll need to consider when digging a pond to ensure there is enough space for these creatures.

What type of soil/dirt will you be digging in?

When digging a pond, it’s important to know what type of soil or dirt you’ll be digging in. Do you have the hard red clay of the deep south or the rich fertile soil of California? More porous soils might require some type of pond liner to prevent too much leakage.

All of these factors are important things to think about before you dig a pond on your property. If you’re in need of a tractor to help you with the digging, check out our online tractor deals at Keno Tractors. Happy digging!