Farming games are all the rage with audiences of all ages. When FarmVille released in 2009, it was the most played game on Facebook for 16 solid months! Needless to say, games about the farmer’s life are both intriguing and fun. If you’re looking for a fun farming game, here are 5 tractor games for PC and mobile that you must try (plus some honorable mentions). Let the games begin!

Best Tractor Games for PC and Mobile

5. Tractor Tippin with Cars™. We all love the classic scene from Disney Pixar’s Cars when Tow Mader and Lightning McQueen go “Tractor Tipping”. Now you can too! Be a rebel and go tractor tipping (from the safety of your home, of course) with this exciting game for audiences of all ages. Super cute and just down right fun, Tractor Tippin with Cars™ can be played on your PC for free at

4. Farm Tractor Simulator 3D. In this fun farming simulator, cultivate your own land using a realistic Seed Drill, harvest and sell your crops in market, and earn the title of king or queen of agriculture all from your Android or iOS device. The game is rated E for everyone, but is probably most appealing to audiences 10 years+.

3. FarmVille. No “Best Of Tractor Games” list is complete without FarmVille. This farming game will appeal to kids of all ages (yes, your grandma and your 5-year-old will love to play too). Grow your own crops, care for farm animals, and sell your harvest all from your Facebook account. FarmVille rates on the Top 20 most popular Facebook games holding position #13 with 1,000,000 active daily users.

2. Farm Expert 2016. If you’re looking for a realistic farm simulator game, check out this farming game for your PC. With realistic game physics, authentic machine handling, and real-life farm scenarios, this is a must-have game for any tractor lover. Because the graphics are so realistic, you will need a 2GB VRAM video adapter for best results. This game is not officially supported on laptop versions of graphic cards.

1. Farming Simulator. Want to get a feel for what it’s like to run a farm? Then Farming Simulator is a perfect match for you. This is an advanced tractor game, and probably most suitable for audiences 10 years+ (but if your toddler want to play it is rated E for everyone). Live the life of a farmer by working with animals, cultivating your own land, and harvesting crops. Manage your farm within a huge open world. Buy tractor equipment, harvesters, and accessories. This game is so much fun you’ll get lost in hours of play. To date, GAINTS Software has released 15 versions of Farming Simulator, and version 16 is scheduled to release on October 15, 2016. Get it today for PC, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, Mobile, and more.

This list of the best tractor games is sure to keep you busy for a while, but in case you want more farming action, here are our honorable mentions:

John Deer Drive green farming

Castaway Paradise (PC, iOS, Android)

World’s Dawn (PC)

Stardew Valley (PC, PlayStation, Xbox One) 

Farm for your life (PC)

Farm Frenzy (Android & iOS) 

Farm Mania (Android & iOS)