Trucks and tractors are valuable for a lot of farm tasks. But a UTV has proven to be indispensable on the farm, too. The compact size of a UTV makes it versatile for many farm chores that truck nor tractor are suited for. Countless uses for a UTV make jobs such as hauling, feeding, towing, and plowing even more convenient.

A Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) is larger than an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and is designed for functional versatility. Able to carry multiple passengers and cargo, UTVs transform farm jobs by adding convenience, maneuverability, and ease that a truck and tractor don’t always offer.

 Top 5 Uses for a UTV

What is a UTV used for? Many farmers have found their UTV to be game-changers on the farm. Here’s why:

Towing and Hauling

How much weight can a UTV pull? A UTV can tow and haul just about anything you need it to. Capable of hauling up to 1,000 pounds and towing up to 2,000lbs means this is the go-to vehicle for farm chores and general maintenance tasks.

Livestock Care

Employing your UTV for farm chores with livestock is a breeze. One of the most popular uses for a UTV is during feeding time. A UTV can fit into buildings and barns easily to get right near the food source and straight out to the pasture. Similarly, livestock and debris clean up are simpler as well.

Uses for a UTV

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Property Surveying

UTVs allow a crew to navigate rugged terrain without destroying the natural landscape.

Whether you’re searching for a future home site, hunting ground, or fixing fences along the boundaries of your private property, a UTV is up for the challenge.

Landscaping and Gardening

Gardening and landscaping provide practical uses for a UTV. Farmers appreciate the ease in hauling equipment, soil, and plants. And plowing? Snow removal? No problem! Hook up your tools, hop on, and the job will be done before you know it.

What is a UTV used for

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Of course, completed work inspires the most important uses for a UTV – having fun! Whether you’re hunting, trail riding, or heading on an off-road adventure with the family, UTVs make life more exciting! Just be sure to heed these UTV safety tips to avoid any mishaps during playtime.

These tips only scratch the surface of how UTVs have improved productivity on a farm and reduced wear and tear on pickup trucks and cars. If you’re in the market to buy a UTV, the team at Keno Tractors can help you determine which model fits your needs. Come visit us today!