Tractors are very versatile machines, but typically see the most use in the spring, summer, and fall. So, when it’s freezing cold outside and yard work is rare, how can you make use of your tractor? Below we’ve listed some implements that will turn your tractor into a huge help for your winter tasks!

 The Top 5 Winter Implements for the Holiday Season


If you own a tractor, then you have the perfect engine to implement a snow blower. Adding a snow blower attachment to your tractor is a lot easier than trying to push a heavy snow blower around yourself. There are two different kinds of snowblowers you can choose from:

Rear-Mounted Snow Blower

This is the way to go if you want to be economical. The rear blower is positioned closer to the centerline of the rear wheels, which is great if you are clearing a gravel drive-way.

-Front-Mounted Snow Blower

Having one of these has it’s own advantages, but it costs the most. Not only will you be able to cut through deep snow, you will be able to shoot the snow over embankments. It’s important to know that with a front-mounted blower you will need hydraulics to raise and lower the chute.


Front Shovel

Plow blade attachments are a simple solution, perfect for shoveling the driveway in very little time. Front shovels can take some extra effort to raise and lower the shovel, but they are still a whole lot better than shoveling by hand!



You can use tractor tire chains if you’re in extreme winter terrain and need some extra grip.


Tractor Cab Cover

Sometimes you need some extra warmth when completing winter yard work. A tractor cab cover surrounds the cab with a soft vinyl material and plastic windows for visibility. Once inside, you can zip-up all the sides and stay nice and warm while you work.


Salt Spreader

Icy conditions are dangerous in any vehicle, so adding salt to the road can go a long way towards protecting your tires from sliding. Your best bet would be to get a three-point hitch salt spreader.


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