Trying to find the right tractor for your future projects can be a daunting task. You want to make sure you purchase a tractor that will cover all of your needs, but you also want to stay within a reasonable budget. That’s why our team has put together this Tractor Buying Guide to answer all your questions!

Tractor Buying Guide: What to Consider Before You Buy

There are certain things that you need to remember when you are searching for the perfect tractor to buy. We have compiled a few important questions to ask yourself before pulling the trigger on a tractor purchase. If you carefully consider these buying first tractor questions before shopping, you are sure to come away with a tractor that will fit your needs.

Tractor Performance

One of the first things you need to ask yourself is what tasks do you need this tractor to perform? Tractors are very versatile tools and can be used for many things such as mowing, moving hay bales, grading, landscaping, moving materials, removing snow, spreading seed, and many other things.

Different tractors are better at certain tasks, and specific tractor accessories are needed for individual projects. Plus, you should ask yourself, “what size tractor do I need?” If the list of needs your tractor will fill is a long one, consider getting a more powerful machine, as it may complete tasks faster. The time saved will add up fast, and the higher level of torque will quickly prove to be worth the extra investment.

Landscape Considerations

Next on the list of questions in our Tractor Buying Guide is, “what kind of tractor will best fit the land I’m trying to work?” Each tractor model has different wheel sizes and various types of suspension. Some tractors are better at getting through deep mud than others, and others are meant to go faster on solid ground.

Keep in mind that a more powerful tractor is much more likely to be able to power through muddier jobs than a once with a smaller engine. If you get a tractor that is more efficient during dry seasons and you live in a rainy climate, you may regret the purchase.

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Tractor Operation

Do you or someone you employ know how to operate the type of tractor you are considering? If you are inexperienced driving tractors, keep in mind that the size, height, and control transmission each tractor has can have a much different feel to it.

Instead, find a tractor that you or the people you employ are familiar driving. If you do find yourself purchasing a tractor that you are unsure of how to operate, talk to a friend or nearby farm owner to see if they have experience with your tractor. They may be available to give some insight on how to operate it.

If you keep the questions from our Tractor Buying Guide in mind, the tractor you purchase is sure to fulfill all the requirements you have. Hopefully, this has helped you sort through the multitude of tractor options available. Of course, if you have more questions about which tractor will best fit your needs, don’t hesitate to call the Oregon tractor dealer experts at Keno Tractors.