tractor canopy

Do you own a tractor without a cab enclosure? You understand how difficult to use it during a sunny or rainy day. Don’t allow a spring shower or the heat of the summer’s day stop you from getting your job done comfortably and efficiently. Enjoy protection from the rain, sun, heat and the overhead objects with super-tough Jinma or Mahindra Tractor Canopy. You have an opportunity to add a touch of class and comfort to your working machine!

So, have you decided that investing in a strong shell Jinma canopy would make good sense for several good reasons and you only need the best deal of Tractor Canopies Keno, OR you can find? That is possibly going to include key considerations of durability, style, price, reputation, and functionality. If you have a tractor without a tractor canopy, Tractor Canopies Keno OR are the great and most convenient way to offer you protection from intense heat from the sun and a little rain protection as well. If you are working around any low hanging limbs or branches, a tractor canopy will also provide your head vital protection. In addition, they can be used as a perfect platform to mount a custom lighting, an antenna, etc. The Jinma or Mahindra Tractor Canopy offers more than the only comfort. In fact, several jobs which call for the use of a tractor have a unique way of developing into many hours in a seat – many hours of exposure to heat exhaustion and hazardous UV rays. With the Jinma and Mahindra Tractor Canopy, heat stroke and skin cancer concerns are eliminated fully. Tractor Canopies Keno OR are designed to mount to your ROPS or roll bar with a sturdy mounting bracket. Additionally, they are made in:

  • Steel
  • Canvas
  • UV protected high-density thermoplastic
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass

Types of Tractor Canopies and their Pros & Cons

Steel tractor canopies are usually coated with powder and are available in various colors. They are heavier and sturdier than the aluminum models, and they’re almost always the very expensive. Like aluminum, they’re prone to scratches and dents. Unluckily, if you scratch or hit the powder-coated paint finish, they can easily rust.

  • Aluminum is lightweight; therefore, it is easy to lift and install. Aluminum tractor canopies are readily available in diamond plate, painted or the unpainted versions. Even though aluminum tractor canopies, but the disadvantage is that they can scratch or dent fairly easily.
  • Fiberglass tractor canopies are also lightweight, and they are available in a broad range of colors. They’re cheaper than steel or aluminum, which something great. However, you need to be very careful with the fiberglass canopies since, as you might be aware, it can crush or crack very easily. The pigment in the fiberglass fade and at times the color start to develop a ghostly white cast to it.
  • From what we have seen, the canvas tractor canopies – also called buggy tops – are well suited for vintage/older equipment. You will find canvas tractor canopies as two bow, three bow, five bow and the umbrellas models as well. They look incredibly good on the vibrate tractors, and they come in colors which compliment/match equipment. As they’re canvas, they can rip or fade over time.
  • Finally, there are UV protected high-density thermoplastic tractor canopies. It’s the same material which is used for manufacturing hard roadside traffic barrels. These canopies are lightweight and are available in several colors. The colors on the UV protected thermoplastic canopies are extremely fade resistant.

One of the greatest things about them is that they’re unbreakable. No fading, dents or cracks. The thermoplastic can bounce back to its original shape. These tractor canopies don’t get that tired, beaten up appearance. As you shop around in our store, you will see that they’re often much lower priced than the fiberglass, steel or aluminum.

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