If you are starting a farming project, planting something new, or needing to clear out space, there are a few tractor implements that can make each of those tasks a breeze! Not sure which implement you need for your task? Well that’s where this handy guide comes in. We are going to list some of the various tractor additions, then show you how they can be used and what jobs they are ideal for.


Tractor Front End Loaders
Best For: Storm cleanup, lifting almost anything, unloading from trailers, digging, & road repairs.
Front end loaders or FEL’s are a staple addition for most tractors. The functionality of this device is unmatched, and the uses and possibilities for digging and moving are endless. Use it for your farm, business, or ranch home, you won’t know how much you needed it until you have one!


Tractor Backhoes
Best For: Digging, loading, trenching, yard work, & grading.
Used quite often in construction projects, backhoes are essential for most tasks that require tractors. It’s the best option for digging precise holes, better than the FEL because of it’s angle, smaller size, and extra joint. You’ll often see these used in conjunction with front end loaders, because they go on the back of the tractor and they offer complementary functions.


Tractor Forks
Best For: Moving pallets, loading boxes, and anything else a forklift is used for.
Tractor Forks essentially turn your tractor into a forklift. This gives your tractor exceptional ability to move pallets quickly and efficiently. A tractor with a fork is more useful than a forklift, because you have additional maneuverability and are able to traverse any terrains.

Tractor Rototillers
Best For: Loosening dirt, mixing in soil additives, & turning soil.
Tractor Rototillers are used for anything that has to do with preparing soil. They are quite effective at loosening up soil to help water get to all the right spots. They also can help mix the soil, and move the layers around to keep your soil rich with nutrients.

Hopefully, this was able to give you some ideas about the right implement for you. If you’re still curious as to which implement is best for you feel free to call our very helpful staff at (541) 850-8193.