Got snow? Your snow blower will be your best friend this season! Here are some trusted tractor snow blower safety tips to make your efforts safe and your tractor maintenance hassle-free.

Top Tractor Snow Blower Safety Tips

Maintain Your Tractor

Tractor snow blower safety tips always begin with tractor maintenance. As a result, the most important part of tractor maintenance is knowing your tractor. Changing the oil and fuel, checking fluids, and checking tire pressure is a good start. Read the manual and be familiar with all the parts, uses, and recommended routine maintenance. Furthermore, memorize and understand all safety warnings and information to avoid accidental injuries or careless operation of equipment.

Wear Protective Gear

Properly fitted clothing and protective shoes are the first line of defense against injury and subsequent engine damage. In addition, be sure to wear anti-fog safety goggles and earplugs to keep vision clear and protect from hearing damage.

Know the Landscape

Know what obstacles may be in your way and make a plan to work around them. Plan your job and know what you need to do to get it done, thereby preventing the unexpected from hindering your progress.

snow blower safety tips

Set Up Snow Blower Properly

Refer to your tractor manual to ensure you set up the snow blower correctly. Make sure the snow blower has proper ground clearance. Also, adjust the chute to direct the snow where you want it to blow. Once you get moving, the key to success is to maintain a slow, steady speed and not overload what your snow blower can handle.

Stay Clear of Blades

Tractor snow blowers have several blades and moving parts set in motion by a powerful engine. In other words, stay away from the blades! As a rule, be alert and stay clear of all moving parts when operating machinery. This may be the most critical tractor snow blower safety tips you hear.

Clean the Auger

The job doesn’t end with snow blowing! Afterward, ALWAYS clean the chute, impeller, and auger thoroughly, otherwise, snow can freeze the parts and damage the equipment the next time you attempt using it. This way, you and your snow blower will be ready for action!

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