If you own a small farm and tractor, making your own hay can seem like a daunting task. However, having the right tools can make all the difference, producing high-quality hay and saving time and money. What is the best hay equipment for a smaller tractor owner? A disc mower, hay rake, and mini round baler are essential to producing good quality hay as easily as possible. Our guide explains what each tool does and why it’s so important.

A Guide to the Best Hay Equipment for Your Tractor

Understanding what is the best hay equipment also depends on knowledge of your tractor. Before making any decisions, consult your tractor’s manual to determine its horsepower, dimensions, and other specifications. These details can be helpful when selecting the following equipment.

#1. Disc Mower

What it is: A disc mower is used for cutting hay and is an essential piece of hay making equipment for small tractors. Its blades are mounted on discs that rotate at a high speed. As there are generally two blades per disc, disc mowers are able to cut hay as fast as your tractor can safely operate.

Why you need it: A disc mower not only cuts quickly but can handle the thickest hay. It also has a hydraulic lift that allows the driver to cut, lift, and transport without leaving the tractor.

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#2. Hay Rake

What it is: What is a hay rake used for? This important tool rakes hay into windrows to prepare it for baling. There are several types of hay rakes, including wheel rakes, parallel bar rakes, rotary rakes, and belt rakes. Choosing the right hay rake largely depends on your farming region and the type of hay you grow.

Why you need it: The right hay rake can have a variety of benefits that improve hay quality and production.

These are the advantages of a hay rake:

  • Reduces waste: A good quality hay rake picks up as much hay from the mower as possible, leaving little waste.
  • Saves time: If your rake collects more than one swath into a windrow, you can make fewer passes in the baler, saving time. 
  • Improves hay quality: A hay rake can help create better quality hay bales that are more consistent and densely packed.

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#3. Mini Round Baler

What it is: What equipment do you need to bale hay? For small tractor owners, a mini round baler makes all the difference. Like its larger counterparts, mini round balers roll the hay to a certain size in its chamber before securing it with twine or netting and expelling it from the machine.

Why you need it: The mini round baler is essential hay baling equipment for smaller tractors and farms. It makes small, compact bales that are between 40-55lbs in weight, enabling them to be easily picked up by one person.

Here are some additional benefits of mini round balers:

  • Size: their relatively small size and weight makes them usable on even the smallest tractors and easily transportable.
  • Smoother operation: Mini round balers have a smoother, less jerky motion than square balers, making baling more comfortable.
  • Weather-resistant bales: What is the best hay equipment for longer-lasting bales? A mini round baler creates hay bales that are smaller and round in size, making them more weather-resistant if left outside.

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