Spring is in full swing and that means building fences, clearing land, and plowing takes up much of your days. If you’re in need of some serious digging equipment for these jobs, which tractor accessories do you need? Understanding the size and versatility of a backhoe vs. excavator for farm use can help make the right choice for your projects.

 Deciding Between a Backhoe vs. Excavator for Farm Use

When it comes to a backhoe vs. excavator for farm use, bigger isn’t always better when choosing the right machine for the job. Here’s how to compare these two machines so you always have the proper equipment ready.

Backhoe vs. Excavator Size

The most significant difference between backhoe and excavator is size. While an excavator is bigger, making it ideal for construction sites and industrial projects, a backhoe is smaller and more easily modified. This can make it a better candidate for different farming jobs and smaller construction projects.

Backhoe vs. Excavator Versatility

While both machines utilize different attachments for different jobs, the versatility of a backhoe vs. excavator for farm use favors the backhoe. There is a wider variety of accessories for the backhoe, such as an auger, plow, or forklift that can address multiple farming tasks. An excavator’s attachments are limited and better suited to large-scale construction.

Lastly, an excavator’s size and width confine it to a construction site while a backhoe can be driven on roads. This gives the user greater flexibility with easy travel to different locations on a single property or multiple farming sites.

backhoe vs excavator for farm use

Which is Best for Farm Use?

While it depends on the size and scale of your project, we generally recommend a backhoe vs. excavator for farm use. A backhoe’s size and versatility are better suited for farming jobs while an excavator is best for more extensive construction and industrial projects.

Now that you know the advantages of a backhoe vs. excavator for farm use, are you wondering, “Should I get a backhoe for my tractor?” Maybe you’re considering additional accessories or a tractor for hobby farm use. Keno Tractors’ backhoe tractor sales make us the premier dealer in Oregon, and across the U.S. We’re happy to answer any question.