When you buy a tractor, you want American made quality. Strength. Cast iron axles, transmission, steel hoods, and large open station platform are just a few of the features that make a Branson tractor stand out above the rest.

Why You Should Buy a Branson Tractor

Where Are Branson Tractors Made?

We are often asked, “Where are Branson tractors made?” Proudly, Branson was founded in the United States and has locations in Georgia, Texas, and Oregon that assemble and distribute Branson products.

In addition to where these tractors are built, there are now 165 Branson tractor dealers in the United States and Canada! I guess the word is out that Branson is the real deal.

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Best Branson Tractor Features

Branson tractor engines are powerful ranging in horsepower from 19 – 80. Manual and hydrostatic transmission options lend preference and versatility depending on how you want your tractor to handle and function.

Some of the brand’s best tractor features include:

  • Hydrostatic steering
  • Synchronized transmission
  • Independent PTO or Link
  • Wet disk brakes
  • True flat deck
  • Quick-attach accessory kit
  • 6 year warranty

Branson Tractors vs. the Competition

Branson’s mission to bring you options without compromising power and performance has been a success! For example, Branson’s 4815R tractor brings a version of an economy tractor that won’t break the bank without losing Branson’s signature drive train or performance.

If you are a hobby farmer and need more of a mid-size option, the 1905H tractor is perfect for you. Specifically, the front-end loader and mid-mount mower options make this sub-compact tractor extremely versatile.

In comparing Branson against competitors like John Deere, Kubota, and New Holland, Branson offers stiff competition. On specs like engine power, these brands are neck-in-neck depending on the model. However, when it comes to specs like transmission and lift capacity, Branson outshines them all.

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There is no question that if you’re looking for American muscle, you need a Branson tractor.