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Jinma 254 Happy Customer

on Sunday, 20 November 2016. Posted in Tractor Reviews

To Eric and staff at Keno Tractor

I now have 71 hours on the Jinma 254 I purchased in February of 2016. I can only say that Eric was right, this Jinma 254 more than meets my needs on my 10 acres of high desert home and thousands of dollars less than any of the competition I was considering. The more I use it the smoother it seems to get and the Perkins engine is awesome. I use the tractor for road maintenance, brush clearing, perfect size for my small orchard, and find it very stable on my hilly terrain.

I also appreciate the courtesy and service from Eric and his entire staff, in putting up with my questions and uncertainty both pre and post purchase. This friendly customer service was a big reason for choosing Keno Tractor for my needs with confidence that what Eric said was accurate and honest. Some of my local tractor sales companies were very unfriendly and not in the least encouraging about sharing information or answering questions almost take it or leave it attitude.

J254 Review

on Thursday, 07 April 2016. Posted in Tractor Reviews

Hey Trevor,

Working on a 3-point design, here are some photos I talked to you about: -50A, fused, polarized power pole in the rear, winch, implement, etc. -12V, fused, outlet on dash -3 fused front LEDs -2 fused, rear LEDs -12V fused, aux connector, right side of canopy, lamp, fan, etc. -cupholder right rear fender -mirror -schematic attached -mounted all inside canopy so it doesn't interfere with soft canopy cover very bright...


Jinma 284 Tractor Review

on Friday, 08 January 2016. Posted in Tractor Reviews

Good afternoon, I purchased my Jinma 284 several years ago from Keno. I have had a couple of problems with it but you are always there to help me out.

I just wanted to let you know that I would never go anyplace but with you. I appreciate all your work in keeping the customer happy.
Sincerely, Pete Moore in Yelm Wa.
Peter M.

Jinma 284 Tractor Review

on Wednesday, 16 September 2015. Posted in Tractor Reviews

I can't believe how my Jinma 284 has delivered. I've used this bullet proof tractor in every way imaginable from grading roads, to trenching fields, roto tilling fields, plowing snow, loading elk and the list goes on.

What's weird is that no other tractor company, in the central Washington area, recognizes them and writes them off as just a Chinese tractor; they never want to deal with them. The jokes on them as the Jinma is one hell of a tractor.

Keno tractor built this tractor for me and I'm real fortunate to have it. Thanks.    -Riki

New Jinma 254 with Perkins Diesel Engine Review

on Wednesday, 02 September 2015. Posted in Tractor Reviews

Hi All.

I have a 2015 Jinma 254 with FEL and Perkins diesel. Thus far, after ~40 hours.
the Perkins has been perfect. I don't have a single complaint with the engine.
It's strong, starts very quickly and is reliable. (sounds nice. too) I'm on very
hilly terrain and it works great. NP. Normal maintenance is easy. filters/drains
are easy to access.

I'm very pleased with the tractor. overall. It has exceeded my expectations. Its
strong. can do all the things I need to do on the property. I had a minor crush
washer issue with a hydraulic line. easily fixed. All the folks @ Keno have been
great throughout. very helpful.


Jinma 254 w/ Perkins Diesel Engine Review

on Friday, 24 July 2015. Posted in Tractor Reviews

Jinma 254 DieselI recently completed the 20-hour service on my Jinma 254 tractor, now at 25 hours total. The tractor has exceeded my expectations. I've cleared ~10 acres with ease, moving thousands of pounds of rocks with the FEL as well. I will be doing some scraping, raking and plowing next. 

The Perkins diesel is very strong, reliable and it starts immediately - requiring virtually no cranking. It comes right up. Under various loads, it never hesitates, misses or does anything unexpected. It has good fuel economy, too.

Mahindra Max 25 4WD HST with FEL Review

on Thursday, 24 July 2014. Posted in Tractor Reviews

Mahindra Max ReviewI cannot say enough about the Mahindra MAX 25. I purchased one in February from Keno and I love it. I am at 40 hours now and have had zero problems with it. Its slightly (I really mean slightly) smaller but is stronger than a previous tractor I had. The Hydrostatic control is a huge time saver (compared to shifting gears).  Makes my yard work easy!

Jinma 354 Tractor Review

on Thursday, 17 July 2014. Posted in Tractor Reviews

Jinma 354 ReviewSuffice it to say that without this tractor, I would have to do all of this work with manual power and it certainly would not have been done as quickly nor as well without the tractor and attachments.



Jinma 254 Tractor Review

on Thursday, 17 July 2014. Posted in Tractor Reviews

Just wanted to let you know that this little tractor is great!!!! I have been having soooo much fun with it. We have 160 acres that we haven't been able to get around due to no roads and in the summer, the grass is too high to drive anywhere. I have been making roads to parts of our land we haven't been able to get to in a car for the last 35 years!!!!

Jinma Tractor Loader Back Hoe

on Thursday, 17 July 2014. Posted in Tractor Reviews

I wanted to say what a pleasure it was to deal with All of you. It was a painless experience a around. I'm already having A blast with the tractor. I'll send pictures of the before and after of The place. Thanks again



on Thursday, 17 July 2014. Posted in Tractor Reviews

Recently I had mechanical issues with my tractor. Your staff in parts was very helpful. I not only got my part in a timely manner Cody assisted me step by step in the repair job. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciated that. I would recommend Keno tractors to anyone looking for a tractor.

Thank you. Ed Parker McCall Idaho