TYM Parts

Keno Tractors is proud to be an authorized retailer of TYM Tractor parts!

We carry a large selection of TYM Tractor parts for most of their industry-leading tractors, from the Series 1 Sub-Compact Tractor to the Series 6 Utility Tractor. Whether you’re looking for something as simple as a new oil filter or something as major as a replacement gear case, we can help you get your TYM Tractor back up and running fast.

At Keno Tractors, we’re the experts on all things TYM parts. No other authorized parts retailer can match Keno’s low prices and our massive selection of mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic components.

We carry all common TYM tractor replacement parts, including:

  • Fenders & Body Panels
  • Engine & Transmission Components
  • Suspension & Axle Replacements
  • Tractor Control Parts
  • Filters, Lights, and Electronic Components

Visit Keno Tractors today or contact us for more information on our selection of TYM parts!

TYM tractor parts

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About TYM Tractors

For the past 50 years, TYM Tractors have been one of the industry-leading brands in producing quality tractors and farm equipment. TYM offers a wide variety of tractor sizes and models to meet your hobby farm, project, or large farm project needs.

TYM Tractors offer uniquely compact, sub-compact, and larger utility tractor designs that all boast excellent power while maintaining a small, tighter turning radius than other brands of similar tractors.

You can trust Keno Tractors for all of your TYM parts needs. We carry a huge selection of manufacturer-certified replacement parts to get your tractor back up and running.

How to Purchase Your TYM Tractor Parts

So, you’re ready to buy the part you need to get your tractor back up and running, now what?

Simple! Call Keno Tractors at (541) 850-8193 or contact us online with your complete tractor model information, and we’ll let you know the price and availability of the components you need.